September 24, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Two Rooms in my Childhood Home

I have realized I do not have very many pictures of my childhood home.
I should...I really should. My parents still live there!
I apologize in advance for the poor quality of pictures.

That being two rooms.

The foyer means a lot to me. This sets the tone for the home, and my parents did a great job of making it a welcoming room. It is decorated for the holidays to perfection, it is the place where we took all of our pictures out the door to special occasions, it is where we throw our shoes when we made a last minute change (hello three girls), and it is where we comfortably welcomed guests.
foyer table Christmas decorations

Many a pictures taken in this foyer before going out the door!

The living room is the second room in my parent's house that means a lot to me. My living room was in one room for years and then my parents did a major remodel and now the living room is a different room. My parents bought a house and it was a very small home. Regardless we have had a wonderful living room where many memories were made no matter which room it was in.

My first living room:
Me trying to become a star baseball player by watching the Indians play...

No pic of my "second" living room!

That is what I love about a room. The room is what love and happiness you fill it with.

Did everyone wish the amazing Tiffany a Happy Birthday?!
Sunday was her day!



  1. I don't have any pics of my childhood home so not linking up this week. However I can say we were the owners of an entertainment system like the one you are dancing in front of...everything had a spot!

  2. Linked up this week, even though I didn't have any pics of childhood homes.


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