October 30, 2013

Halloween Decorations

I don't have much, but what I do I love.
Hopefully in the wake of sales Friday there will be more things added to my collection!

The front door

Lights on the tree


Cute pumpkin candle holders

With fresh flowers of course!

Our weather has also been hot as of late. Anywhere between 85-95 lately. Fall are you coming to the desert anytime soon?!


  1. Your weather is amazing! I need to live there.

  2. so cute! I still haven't put up any decorations!

  3. I LOOVE the lights on the trees! I STILL need to decorate for fall!!

  4. Very cute! Love the pumpkin candle holders with the flowers! I've decided not to decorate for fall this year... so sad! But it's too much with trying to still get everything unpacked and organized. I'm gonna look for some good deals this weekend though to prepare for next year!

  5. Love it all! The tree is my favorite! My glass pumpkin with candy corn in it is looking pretty awful right about now. haha

  6. Love the lights on the tree and them fresh flowers - so pretty! Love Halloween so sad it's about time to start taking them down and putting Christmas stuff up!

  7. Love the lights on the tree! Eric is too ornery to do that for me, ha! I can't believe Halloween is TODAY! This month flew by!

  8. Very cute! I din't get to put out much this year, but hopefully next year we will!!!

  9. It's still 85-95 degrees?!??! Wow! It's FREEZING here!


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