October 2, 2013

How to Clean Dark Hardwood Floors

Writing about cleaning (or actually cleaning for that matter) isn't the best thing to always want to write about, but I had a lot of people try and sway me from getting my beautiful super dark hardwood floors.

Kevin and I knew that we wanted really dark hardwood floors. I more than him, but I knew that it was an area where I wasn't willing to sacrifice look for easy maintenance.

Our wood flooring replaced some green carpet in the living room and master bedroom. Every where else is tile that we kept or beige carpet.

Believe it or not, people buy old used carpet for decent money on Craig's List! Huh...who knew?!?

So here's the deal.  Everyone was right.  I'm going to tell you the absolute truth.  These floors are a bit of work.  Every crumb and bit of dust shows up. That being said, I still love them!

I've learned a few things about how to keep these babies clean without losing your sanity. Now I hope people won't shy away from dark hardwoods!

1. Relax! 
It's okay if they aren't spotless every day.  A lived in home is a happy home, and I'd rather have a happy home than a clean home.  

2. Get Yourself A Vacuum You Can Use
Now actually here is where I confuse some of you. My vacuum is a hand me down. And it actually isn't the best vacuum (in terms of suction), but it is very light and therefore I can use it on the hardwoods without worry. Newer ones will have a hardwood attachment that won't scratch your floor and strong suction. One day I will upgrade.

3. Use The Essentials
In my opinion, these are the 3 things you need to keep your floors clean. 
1. The above said vacuum.
2. Bona Hardwood floor cleaner. I have heard that some of the cleaners can leave streaks on the dark hardwoods, but this one works for me (Plus I can hop right on over to Amazon in my PJs and purchase it!)
3. A microfiber mop. No ringing - no water - just spray (your hardwood floor cleaner) and mop - then throw the pad in the washing machine! Done and easy!

4. Get a Swiffer
Life Saver. Enough said.

5. Find A Cleaning Routine That Works For You 
I've never been big on cleaning schedules, but sticking to a loose routine has helped me to stay on top of cleaning our floors without it feeling like too much of a chore.  I vacuum once a week and mop once a week.  Because I love the look of these dark floors so much, I really don't mind the maintenance. 

Do any of you have dark wood floors?  What are your best tips for cleaning them?


  1. Great tips and I LOVE your space! :)

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