October 8, 2013

I Felt Fall for a Weekend...

Kevin and I finally took a trip back to our families in New Mexico.
It was so nice!

Mainly updates on Instagram since I forgot my camera.

I thankfully got to hang with some girlfriends but we were so into seeing each other for a couple of hours that I completely forgot to get a picture of us!

Then I got to go to the local corn maze and pumpkin farm that our family friend's own and where my mom works.

Perfect weather for a pumpkin picking day!

Unfortunately I had a funeral to go to. One of my dear nursing school friends had a 7 year old son who died of cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with them and once again let me just say that CANCER SUCKS!!

Then I went out to my parent's house.
We said hi to our cows...

I think I got to see my sister all of an hour...

All much too short! We watched the Broncos get another W in the win column with Kevin's family and came home!

Oh but not before my dad took a picture with us...

or two...very snazzy dad!

What did everyone do this weekend?


  1. Sorry about the funeral :( so sad. But The rest of your weekend looks fun! I'm so excited to go pumpkin picking soon too!

  2. I went to a pumpkin patch and wandering in corn this weekend, too! It was SUCH a gorgeous weekend for it, even here in Chicago. :)

  3. I'm sorry about your friend's son. I also had a friend very recently loose her 6 yr old to cancer. I hate it. glad you had fun otherwise though. I like your sister's scarf!

  4. Haha love your dad's pose! Looks like a perfect fall weekend with pumpkin picking and family! And I love your hair :)


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