October 4, 2013

Road Trip

I am getting ready for a road trip! A short one, but never the less it is a road trip. Going back to see Kevin and mine's family and friends this weekend. It will be really nice to see everyone!

Let me just say I am not the biggest fan of road trips. I would much rather fly. When I was in middle school, we got to do a report on what we wanted to be when we were older. I chose flight attendant. Halfway into my report I found out that I could not be a flight attendant...that I was too short. (yes the height restrictions have changed since then). I was super thankful that my teacher didn't make me find another profession because I would have had to re-written a whole essay, but I knew at that point that I wanted to fly!

Well now flying is just a hobby. Gotta work that real job in order to be able to afford a plane ticket (and nothing else...dang those things get expensive!) But I still love it. 

But I can't/don't/hardly ever get to fly when I am going places and I have to drive. This is why I am sharing my secrets to make a road trip better.

1. Snacks. Can you tell I think about food way to much? Car rides are probably where I find myself being healthiest. You have to find the balance between healthy and sweet.You want something yummy, but you don't want to feel like "I just ate a whole bag of candy and did nothing but sit in a car for 12 hours" feeling. Because trust me, it is not a good feeling and it will happen if you don't stick with something somewhat healthy. I love: Chocolate covered almonds, sliced cucumber and cheese slices, and grapes!

2. Good music. You gotta have a variety. I do however keep the genre the same for a period of time. Like start out with popular hits, then go to country, then go to rock, etc... Sometimes music and a stretch of road is all I need to unwind!

3. A good partner. You need someone who you know you can road trip with! There is sometimes nothing worse then that person who never stops talking for what seems like the entire trip. Sometimes silence is GOLDEN! This is also a person you need to trust driving if you have a long enough drive to switch off with. I love driving with my husband, because it is good quality time for us to just sit uninterrupted and talk. :-)

My fave guy to travel with!

4. Places to stop. I like finding places to stop and recharge outside of the car on a road trip. I would only ever go out of my way if something really amazing or something I really wanted to see/do was out there. Generally I am the person who doesn't like to stop very often because that delays me from getting to where I need to go in the fastest way possible. (Never in an unsafe way guys!) 

5. Packing is nicer. Road trips unlike flying are nice because you don't have to worry as much about your bags. No keeping it under a weight limit, worrying about it getting lost, or bringing dinky sized shampoos and conditioners. However I do recommend to still pack smart. The more things you pack the more you have to organize well and the more weight you lug around in your car, the worse the gas mileage.

What are some of your tricks and tips to get you through a road trip?


  1. Where ya headed? I always pack a cooler of drinks, just in case I don't make it until I get gas (which is the only time I'll buy a drink, cause I love fountain tea). I'm usually the driver as Keith gets easily distracted and enjoys his smartphone too much. Our next trip is to Nashville at the end of this month so maybe that'll all change. Have fun!

  2. HA! I juuuust posted a blog post about how much I'd rather drive than fly. SO much less stressful and yes - I totally over-pack every. single. time.

  3. Snacks are always what get me through during road trips!!

  4. Perfect tips! I love love love road trips and prefer them to flying actually. I especially agree with the snacks and a good travel partner. :) Have fun!
    The Grass Skirt

  5. We have basically the same view on road tripping... Ryan LOVES it! Maybe we can do a double date road trip some time :P

  6. I absolutely love road trips! I'm all about loading up on junk food, blasting all of my favorite songs, and taking in the view!

  7. i hated road trips as a child but love them now! Probably because as a child it meant being squished in a van with 7 other members of my family with no air conditioning... but alas, I love them now! hahaha


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