October 21, 2013

Suggestions for Success

Remember bookmarks?
Before the advent of Pinterest I bookmarked anything I found interesting....
The other night I was going through what felt like a million bookmarks.
I honestly wonder what I was thinking for most of it.

And truth be told I probably only got through about 10% of my unorganized bookmarks list.

One thing I found was this picture:

I remember bookmarking this. I read and really loved all the points on this list.

This time around when I saw it, I realized the first one was the most true.
Marrying the right person has made it possible for me to be the best at all other items on this list.

Just a little something to think about today...


  1. Love this. Thanks for sharing... I might just bookmark it myself! :)


  2. Thank you for sharing this - I couldn't agree with this list more. Even though John and I aren't married we have been together almost 5 years and he makes me so ridiculously happy it's amazing. I am definitely saving this!

  3. So completely true. So much about my life would be different if I hadn't married Nate. I'm so blessed to have him!

  4. What a sweet thought! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. I still bookmark things! I've come across this list before--those are all good things to have and pursue in life!

  6. :) #1 is definitely the truth!

  7. Great list! Thanks for sharing! :)


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