October 1, 2013

Tuesday Topics: One Picture of my Handwriting

I really don't have lots of pictures of my hand writing. I think it is fairly good, I write a ton at work everyday, but I very much prefer to type.

Here is a link to a picture of my handwriting.

As of now Tuesday Topics is going to go on a hiatus. Tiffany and I really do this for different things to write about and awesome posts to read, but right now I love Topics but right now there are not a lot of people linking up.

Maybe one day soon we will be back with Tuesday Topics.
Thank you to everyone who linked up and enjoyed in this with us!

Want some other good blogs to read?
Find them on my sidebar!

Life Style Love
True Blues Fans
Simple Moments Stick

Have a great Tuesday everyone!



  1. Thank you so much for hosting! It's really been a blast! Don't forget me when you want to start up again.

  2. Tuesday Topics has been fun - I'll miss it but I understand :)

  3. I think your handwriting is super cute, girl! And, like the others, I'm going to miss Tuesday Topics!

  4. So sad! Going to miss linking up! :( Hugs to you!


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