October 15, 2013

Why is This not Invented yet?

Have you guys seen that Samsung Galaxy commercial about the watch that can connect to your phone and such?

It got me thinking about a lot of other things that I think should have already been in my possession and invented...

Tangle Free Necklaces
Any way you put your necklaces in your pocket or bag, they will always come out tangled as if an expert on boating knots secretly sneaked into your bag and tied them up in the most complicated way possible. There is really no solution I have figured yet. This problem is so ubiquitous that I am surprised that it’s still one of the things that should have been invented by now.

Cure for Acne
I suffered some severe acne as a teen and had to go on some serious meds, but now I have some occasional bumps here and there. I always have prayed for a cure. That was years ago and there is still no such luck! Hopefully in a couple of years somebody comes up with a magical solution to the one of the most hated skin condition.

Cell Phone Service Everywhere
Just imagine how much easier it would be when you are on a vacation with your family somewhere in the forest, you’ll feel safer knowing that you can always make a call. Just for practicality reasons widespread cell service should have been invented by now.

Nail Polish That Doesn't Chip
The only way to make sure that your nail polish goes without chipping for days is to get your nails done at a salon with shallac, but that can get pricey, which is why someone should invent a nail polish brand that never chips. Hopefully this invention is in the near future and our nail suffering will soon be over.

A Folder Machine
There is a washing machine and a dryer, but I am still waiting for the day companies will have advertisements for a folding machine. How easy and less time consuming would laundry be if we had that invention right now? You never know, it might even make the whole process more enjoyable.

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Then an ironing machine can be next!

What are some things you wish were already invented?


  1. You can buy at-home gel nail kits! I got one at Sephora in the summer and I absolutely love it. So much cheaper and more convenient than going to a salon every time you need your nails to look fabulous.

    1. A house that cleans itself :D That would be at the top of my list ha ha!

  2. We need all of these things in our lives. For sure.

  3. How about like in the Jetsons how they get on a conveyor belt in the morning and it just gets them all ready for work!

  4. I think they should invent quiet dentist tools so you don't hear that then anything you have surgery for should be able to dissolve so you don't have to have a procedure to remove it...along with your items listed above. Let's get cracking!

  5. Yes to all of these!! You'd think they can put a man on the moon, they should be able to get rid of my acne!

  6. Loved this! haha I agree with the nail polish! I mean, sure we have shellac now, but that stuff ruins your nails.

  7. I agree 100% with everything you listed here! I'd also love a robot that cleaned my son's high chair after he eats and a dishwasher that unloads itself. Oh and a self-making bed! Obviously, I just don't like cleaning. LOL.
    The Grass Skirt

  8. omg a folder machine!!!!! someone needs to invent that.

  9. Oh my goodness, wouldn't these be absolutely wonderful??!?!

  10. I vote for a machine that can iron. Also would love to see a toilet that can clean itself.

  11. YES to the nail polish. I hate spending like 9 bucks a pop only to have it chip the next day. #firstworldproblems

  12. I am constantly stating that "it's 2013, this should be easier!" or some variation of that. I would kill for a folding machine!

  13. They do have the "Shellac" nail polish that you can get in Salons but believe me-- NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE TOLD.. it chips. I can literally chip any nail polish. I had that stuff chipped off my nails within 8 days. The only luck I've ever had with keeping a nail polish on, is when I had white tips that resembled a french manicure and that was acrylic. Boo


  14. YES! The whole no fold button thing on the dryer is ridonkulous! Get it together scientists!


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