October 28, 2013

You Read my Blog for the Toilets, Right?

Yep, you have been warned, today I am subjecting you to pictures of toilets!

When we got this house from a very nice older lady, I really wondered what happened in terms of the toilets. They were one of the first things we replaced. Suffice it to say these toilets looked like they had seen a frat house in their lifetime.

Yeah gross. Anyway so first off you turn off the water and then start flushing the toilet to get the water out. You will never get all the water out but you can use a cup and a sponge to soak up the rest.

And here is: a quick dirty guide to taking out a toilet sans pictures because Lauren thought she took more pictures.

Prepare for even more water when you unhook the supply line. This will never be a completely dry process no matter how many times you flush.
Then you can unscrew the tank.
And then unscrew the bowl. It helps to kind of rock it when you are trying to remove that big sucker.
Then you can take off the wax ring. Scrape it off and hope that there isn't a lot of rust to remove (I heard coke works well with removing that)
Oh and then put the new toilet in. Ours came with a wax ring and everything so it was a pretty easy install.

Do this twice and we now have pretty pretty toilets.

Go Bucks in the master bathroom!

The guest bathroom.

I am usually not a brand snob. By that I mean I love brands, but not all my makeup has to be Lancome or all my purses LV or shirts J. Crew....you get the idea.

But my toilets....they have to be Kohler!
And the lids are self closing.
Very happy Lauren right here!!


  1. Excellent potty choices :) Love the self-closing lids, too!

  2. That is the most breath taking toilet I have ever laid my eyes upon!

    Voyage of the MeeMee

  3. A self-closing toilet lid seems like a necessity...My roommate can NEVER close the dang lid.

  4. They make self-closing toilet lids? Huh, I didn't know that!
    I've never had to change out a toilet, but it doesn't sound like a very fun job ha ha.

  5. Self-closing lids?! Whatttt?? We need those in our house! I don't know why men can't shut the lid, haha.

  6. Self closing lids?!?!?!?!?!? Ok, now I REALLY want to own a house, just so I can have toilets like that. :-)


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