November 28, 2013

I am Thankful for...

I have so many things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving season. My life has been incredibly blessed. Everyday I walk into work and am thankful for my job and the direction I have headed in. Every morning I wake up I thank God for my sweet husband stirring next to me.

I am thankful that my family and friends are all happy and healthy.
I am also thankful for football season. Go Broncos!!

Lastly I am thankful for my beautiful  baby sister! She has survived cancer and has almost survived high school! She is a rock star! Happy 18th birthday beautiful rock star!

Still not thankful for centipedes in this world. Those things are awful and a fear I will never overcome!

Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving!!

November 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Kevin!!

Happy Birthday to...

The one who kisses me every morning when I wake up.

The one who gets silly with me.

The one who inspires me to be a better person.

The one who gets all excited about football with me.

The one who plays Dominion with me on demand.

The one who never gets mad at me.

The one who steals my laptop :-)

The one who makes me Chicken Roll Ups if I have a long day.

The one who knows the rules! (inside joke!)

The one who constantly asks how HE got so lucky, when quite the contrary is true.

Happy Birthday my love,
I am the luckiest!

November 26, 2013

Tuesday Travel Plans

Since my husband and I have been married, we have only ever traveled for Thanksgiving. This year is no different. We will be travelling to see our parents. Thanksgiving has been the holiday I have taken off work. I instead work Christmas.

I am thankful that I can travel, I am thankful I get to spend a special time with family, I am thankful. The older I get, the more I am able to appreciate my concentrate on what truly matters. This for me means time with family and friends, eating great food, and an entire day focused on gratitude and relaxation. Oh and football!!! 


Have a great holiday!

November 25, 2013

Hangover Tips

Seeing as we are coming up on a holiday full of eating and drinking, I thought I would share some of my thoughts on drinking.

Being a health professional, someone who has been hungover, and someone who is able to combat hangovers I feel like I can give out some advice...

So everyone knows to hit the water. One glass of water per glass of alcohol. 

There is a lot of sugar in most drinks, and after you are done drinking your blood sugar drops and it worsens your hangover symptoms. Drink some Gatoraid for best results or apple or cranberry juice. Those are the juices softest on the stomach.

Avoid coffee. The caffeine will further dehydrate you.

As for hair of the dog, I am personally not a fan of that route in curing a hangover. But if you are, there is a reason that a Bloody Mary is a breakfast drink. While your blood is focusing on the new alcohol, the tomato and celery will be replenishing some of your vitamins.

Bananas are full of potassium, which is lost when you drink. A potassium deficiency can also make you throw up, give cramps and make you feel nauseous, so eating a banana can make you feel better if you can stomach it. Try it on a piece of bread. The carb will help soak up the alcohol.

Please watch your painkillers. People often reach for the aspirin, ibuprofen (advil), and acetaminophen (tylenol) first. This can be bad. Aspirin and ibuprofen are blood thinners. Wouldn't want any stomach bleeding when your liver is tired. Alcohol magnifies the effects of these pain killers effects. Oh and Tylenol, it is metabolized via your liver meaning that would be really really mean to your liver. Basically further trashing yourself.

Those are a few of my top tips.
Be safe and have fun this Thanksgiving!

This advice online does not negate what your medical professional says after an examination. If you have worries, concerns, or problems in relation to drinking, please see your trusted medical professional!

November 22, 2013

Letters to Home

Dear Home,

The house I grew up in was one my parents made completely their own. It was an ugly little shack when my parents moved to you in one of the hottest summers on record. Today it is an oasis of beauty. When I go back, my memories of our time together are still fresh.

I come home to you because I miss my parents and sisters. I miss the huge cottonwood trees, the vast land, the mountains, the river, and the house itself. I am always awed by the beautiful sunsets.

I have transitioned into a new home now.

In a new way, a totally new place, from the beginning.
With my husband. 

so true!

I am excited for this holiday season. I get to go for Thanksgiving to my childhood home and I get to stay in my new home for Christmas.

Awesome homies in my homes!


November 21, 2013

Happy in the Cold

I suppose I am a a lot little unusual, but I am happiest in the fall/winter. When most people complain that summer is over, I rejoice!

There is something about the chill in the air and the excitement of the season that makes me feel alive. It is a magical time of year. There is a quiet in the crisp air. At the start, the only thing you hear are the planes. Then coming into winter if it snows (I live in the desert so it doesn't always snow!) the world quiets to a bare whisper.

Of course there are the holidays. My mom has always been good with the beautiful decorations, delicious food, and gifts (lots of them!).

I want to make the holidays great for Kevin and I despite the stresses of shopping, prepping, and cooking. All the effort and heart that goes into the holidays is well worth it!

My artistic shot of this awesome who knows how many feet tall tree...
Vail, CO.

Who else is excited out there with me!?

November 19, 2013

If you Could Only see her...

I know a bunch of people did this post quite a while back, but I never did it, but thought it was a fun idea.
I realized I go from serious to funny and back to serious and then funny. I am all over the place! Enjoy the roller coaster, ha!

If you knew me....

You would know I love roller coasters!

You would know I am shy until I get to know someone, then I can't seem to shut up.

You would know I have really thin fingernails. I can't remember the last time I ever used a nail clipper on them.

You would know I love trees and grass.

You would know I am just about the most indecisive person ever.  

You would know I stink at doing hair and makeup (by my standards). And I have never dyed such hair.

You would know I never had a best girl friend for a long period of time. I was and kinda still am jealous of what my sisters have with their best friends. I hope they know how lucky they are.

You would know I definitely don't like everyone, but I am a polite person with good manners. In the past people have mistaken my niceness as fakeness which would bum me out, but really, I just refuse to be impolite.

You would know I almost never blow dry my hair. It's super thick. I just don't have the time for it! 

You would know that the National Anthem gives me chills.

You would know I love me some chocolate , and peanut butter and it's even better if it is combined.

You would know I am a people pleaser. Almost to a bad point...

You would know I am a selective eater...not a picky eater.

You would know I never skip breakfast. As a kid I would get nauseous if I didn't eat right when I got up. The only thing that would get rid of the nausea would be to eat. Occasionally I wake up and this still happens.

You would know I have never had a carbonated beverage in my life. I am pretty much exclusively a water drinker. And wine.

You would know that I don't like air blowing on me. Silly fans. But I hate being hot...

 You would know I take football very seriously and that you should not interrupt me during a game.

Story of my life

You would know I take very short showers (it was from all my time as a swimmer)

You would know I am deathly afraid of centipedes, but blood, guts, and needles don't freak me out.

You would know you will never ever hear me throw my husband under the buss or speak negatively about him in public. I don't understand girls who do that.

You would know I smile in really awkward moments. Let me tell you...not the best quality to have when someone's telling you they got dumped.

You would know I feel super shy talking about my blog with friends and family. If you don't have a blog you just don't "get it" and it's really awkward trying to explain why I put my life out there on the internet!

You would know always have to be multi-tasking. I can't sit still and ever only concentrate on one thing at a time. Drives Kevin nuts...

Alright, I will stop there!
Have a happy Tuesday!!!

November 18, 2013

Be Happy

So this weekend I unfortunately encountered a lot of mean people.  I was like a magnet. So first off Kevin and I decide to go to the grocery store. We decide to use self check out for our three items and of course I have coupons. I press the button to give the guy my coupons and he comes up looking thoroughly disgusted with us.

I have no idea what is bothering him but it was one of the rudest non-verbals I have ever encountered. As Kevin and I walked out Kevin commented "Hope you have a better day" with a smile. Love my man!!

Then as we are walking out we are walking in the crosswalk and  a big black truck comes up right behind me and honks his horn. He goes down the same aisle our car is in, he parks, gets out of his car and starts yelling very mean things about me to Kevin. So rude!

We ignore him and thankfully I heard one of my currently favorite songs when I get into the car!

Then the next night I am with a girlfriend riding in my neighborhood. There are some kids playing in the street and I stop for them to get out of my way. Too bad the jerk behind me couldn't wait. He tailed me and revved his engine. Then when we got on the main drag he really tailed me and passed me quickly.

Kevin and I went to a happy hour with his friends. They decided that they wanted to go to a bar after the restaurant. Kevin wanted to play a round of pool, so we went. When I walked in and sat at a table near the bar, the guy behind the bar got his flashlight waived it in my eyes and said "show me your id now!" 

Well glad I look young, and sure you may be understaffed but could you ask more nicely? 
That was all I could think so that I wouldn't be rude back myself.
I then go to hand him my ID and accidentally drop it. He picks it up, looks and hands it back to me.
As I walk away he says "What the $@*^ was that."

No I didn't buy a drink and we were out of there as soon as Kevin won his game of pool.

Why are people so not patient? Why so rude? What is going on in their day that they feel the need to be that mad/act that way?

To that I just listen to a song that makes me happy and rise above.

1 Corinthians 16:14

November 14, 2013

To-Do Time!!

Hello Fall. I have lots of busy plans of things to do!

Hello Fall :) #fall #autumn

Wow do I wish I could see fall with leaves turning in real life!! One day...
Until that day, I have a list of things to complete!

Make a surprise delivery for a friend.
Take pictures for Christmas cards.
Send out Christmas cards.
Donate money to a worthy cause.
Donate clothes.
Make goodies for my husband to take to work.
Paint my new dresser.
Organize my garage.
Get my husband a birthday gift.
Get my sister a birthday gift.
Find some new running shoes.
Buy some new scrubs.
Start planning out Christmas gifts.
Go shopping to decorate beautifully for the holidays.
Do said decorating.
Make time and appointments to go to the doctor and dentist (wow, how sad is that one?!)
Figure out what I want in order to do my own "shallac" style nails.

I think that is enough for now. I love lists!
What is on your To-Do list?

November 13, 2013

Talking Groceries

This post officially makes me a boring old adult.
I am talking about groceries.
farmers market love / more art here
How much should one spend on groceries?

I think that my husband and I eat very well.
Problem is waste.
How much of that money is effectively going into my belly and how much is going into the garbage in the form of food waste?

Lately I have been trying to plan my meals and it works out decently well. I absolutely have room to grow since I want to plan with more prep. Why? Because sometime despite my prep I have not been organized well enough to let food spoil.

Just don't spend 72 dollars on a mango.
True story.

The lady checking me out for some reason charged me 72.68 for a mango. Really it only should have been .49 cents so I have no idea how this lady got 72.68. To make matters worse I had already swiped by card when I realized that my bill was way larger than it should have been and I had to go stand in the customer service line just to get my money back.

That was one good mango and yes I did get a refund ;-)

But this is a good topic especially when food stamps are changing up right now. In my state at least, I found people were getting $200 per adult for one month of food stamps.

Woah. I spend on average $50 each for Kevin and I
And we eat well.
Oh and drink.

So how much do you spend a month on groceries? Color me curious...

November 12, 2013

I Keep Making These Lists...

This weekend was way more laid back then I intended it to be. I hoped to get projects that are still outstanding done around the house. 

Instead I totally did not.
Plus Kevin needed to study.
I needed to clean the house.
I needed to do laundry.
Kevin won an award.

Yay! Kevin! He won this award last year and it was even more awesome this year!
Then Sunday we relaxed with football and friends!

So congrats Kevin on your reward. You deserve it! Because....

He has a job.

He works hard.
He loves me.
He's passionate about our family.
He's a good leader.
He's not a whiner.
I can trust his judgment.
He does the right thing, even when he doesn't want to.
He tries to please me.
He's organized.
He's inventive.
He loves to get his hands dirty.
He's adventurous.
He's dependable.
He takes command.
He can still sweet talk me.
He's a saver.
He's a spender.
He rarely buys things for himself.
He's disciplined.
He doesn't swear.
He doesn't swear that much.
He can fix anything.
He knows when to call a repairman.
He's stays calm in hairy situations.
He asks my opinion.
He's committed to our marriage.
He's realistic.
He surprises me with flowers and gifts.
He compliments me.
He's a good guy.
He's consistent.
He helps clear the table.
He thanks me at the end of most meals.
He has simple tastes.
He has a sweet smile.
He doesn't make excuses.
He knows me.
He chose me.
He's a great bug killer! (well some he saves, but he removes them from the situation)
He'll help with laundry.
He touches me in all the right ways, and in all the right places.
He still wants to be physical with me.
He loves me as I grow older.
He wants to be a good man.
His eyes don't stray.
He doesn't step out on me.
He doesn't drink too much.
He doesn't do drugs.
He gets what's important in life.
He would do anything to keep me smiling.
He would lay down his life for us.
His arms are protective.
He keeps our cars spotless.
Things seem to roll off his back.
He's a trusted friend.
He'd give a stranger the shirt off his back.
He's honest.
He's not a showoff.
He's not scatter-brained.
He's always prepared.
He's a great provider.
I know we'll never go hungry.
He's creative.
He calls if he's running late.
He's always on time.
He's happy to work behind the scenes.
He makes me laugh.
He has a good heart.
He is honorable.
He takes out the garbage.
He finds the fun in life.
When he makes decisions he considers the needs of our family first.
He's irresistible.
He's kind.
He is willing to watch romantic movies with me.
He cracks up at TV commercials.
He's respected at work.
He's a good employee..
He's a man of his word.
He's a good companion.
I'm still attracted to him.

November 7, 2013

Count on Hope to get you Through

I sometimes wonder why it takes a death to reunite a family.
But then I remember life gets in the way and most often we just can't help it.
On November 6th, five years ago, my uncle, my Godfather passed away.

I remember my dad going up to Ohio and staying up there for a while before we got the call. 
It was a hard decision to take my uncle off life support.
He was to young.
My cousin, an only child, to young to lose her dad.
My aunt to young to lose her husband. My dad to young to lose his brother and my grandparents outliving their child. It doesn't make sense.

We went back to Ohio. I remember everyone telling me that next time we got the family together it needed to be for a happy occasion. Everyone smiling at me hoping for a wedding.
Without hope, we are left with despair.
Good thing my wedding was the next time my family all got together.
In that way, my wedding was perfect.

While Kevin and I were on our honeymoon we found out that his grandpa died unexpectedly.
When we got home, my grandma died. This happened when I first started my blog and I wrote a little here.

Death sucks.
Eloquent huh. 


Gosh are we tired of everything wanting these same things all the time?

I am not because I want them just as much all the time.
But seriously don't we wish we could forget doing more with every other thing on our list being 
more {whatever we want to do here}

I do plan to get more organized this weekend in fact! Kevin and I are going to put up shelves and knock out some much needed cleaning and organizing!

Wish us luck....we are going to need it.

November 5, 2013

The Bye Week

So I have two leagues this year for fantasy football. The first is my friends and family league and the second league is my husband's work league. 

This year my fantasy teams are not doing as well as I would like.
Here are the emotions I go through on any given season.

Every time my team wins I try and act nonchalant and stuff, but it usually ends up being this....

Oh and I am just so genuine when someone else wins...

But every time I watch your back!

What is even worse is when people feel the need to remind you that you have lost....

I never cheer for the fantasy win at the expense of the Broncos not doing well though.
Oh and the week that the Broncos lost...

Broncos had a bye week this week and I lost both my fantasy games! I was totally supposed to win one but someone named Seneca Wallace couldn't throw a freaking ball!!! Sad weekend.
Really I need to be winning all my games for any chance at the playoffs...

Anyone else having a bad fantasy season?!

November 4, 2013

I Have a Freebie for you!!

So here in my house, internet is a big thing. Kevin being all computer savvy and his living and such and me being a big, bad blogger. Oh that last one not so true??

Well besides all that, we invest in our internet to get the fast stuff. This is something I will gladly spend money on. I am not patient when it comes to slow internet. That being said, I like to share it when people come over!

When I was growing up, I lived in the middle of nowhere. When we were finally able to get internet out in the country there was no question what network you linked up to when company came a knocking.

Now I live in a neighborhood and it is 2013 and everyone has wi-fi.

On a side note, I couldn't remember the word network as I was writing this post. I was trying to get the word out of Kevin to describe what pops up in order for one to wirelessly connect to internet. He told me they were SSIDs. For all of you who needed to know that...

But anyway. This is one crazy silly post to get through for a freebie huh!
I named my SSID (there you go Kevin) Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi. 
I thought I was clever.

But every time people come over they assume that we are Deathstar or Mothership or Bad Mofo. Apparently they don't find my name clever and assume Kevin would be naming the wi-fi and use one of those names. And I have a lot of clever neighbors it would seem. So I made a sign. So people wouldn't have to ask and I framed it to go in the guest bedroom. Let them ask what my SSID is but at least I got them covered when it comes to the password.

So there you go, you can download it here.
Totally helps especially if you can't talk your husband off of a password that looks like I accidentally palmed my hand on the keyboard. 

Example. oiHg4%@#$$fasR

Thankfully I got him to change the password to something simpler...

November 1, 2013

Staining the Cabinets

The big kahuna. This is one of the biggest projects we took on with our house. Simple yet time consuming. But this gave us the biggest impact and hopefully the biggest bang for our buck.

We stained the bathroom vanity, the guest bathroom vanity, the laundry room, and the kitchen. It was easy and looks even better than the pictures show!

I used General Finishes Java GEL Stain. I love the gel part of it. Why you ask? Because any of you that have ever stained something in your life, know how much of a tedious job it is. This gel stain?!? Super easy. You paint it on like paint instead of stain, but it gives you stained results. This can go over real wood and linoleum as well (the sides of the vanity were linoleum)

There are tons of different colors. I picked a very dark color and in the pictures it looks much darker than in real life.

Here are the steps:
Tape off your area, the walls, floors, and underside of the countertop with painter's tape. Take off the doors
Then clean the vanity with a slightly wet rag. Let it dry.

Rough up the wood. I say rough. You don't have to completely sand it down! That makes it so much easier. Just sand with the grain!

Then wipe it down with tack cloth twice to get all dust off.
The linoleum will most likely take one less coat than the wood. It takes to the gel stain well.
It is so easy to apply. I applied three thin coats to get the color I wanted.

It only took overnight to dry between each coat.

So here is my favorite part - the Before and After Pictures:

BEFORE we started out with this:

And went to this. Ya you bet we labeled each cabinet!!

And then to this...

Then we added the pulls and put the doors back on

THE AFTER of the kitchen!
Don't mind the mess...oh and I talked about the floors here :-)

Other details?!?

The difference after one coat!

Labeling system

The work space (aka the garage)

Need extra drying space? How about the old toilets?!

BEFORE of the laundry room

AFTER the laundry room

BEFORE guest bath

AFTER guest bath

BEFORE master bath

AFTER master bath

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