November 18, 2013

Be Happy

So this weekend I unfortunately encountered a lot of mean people.  I was like a magnet. So first off Kevin and I decide to go to the grocery store. We decide to use self check out for our three items and of course I have coupons. I press the button to give the guy my coupons and he comes up looking thoroughly disgusted with us.

I have no idea what is bothering him but it was one of the rudest non-verbals I have ever encountered. As Kevin and I walked out Kevin commented "Hope you have a better day" with a smile. Love my man!!

Then as we are walking out we are walking in the crosswalk and  a big black truck comes up right behind me and honks his horn. He goes down the same aisle our car is in, he parks, gets out of his car and starts yelling very mean things about me to Kevin. So rude!

We ignore him and thankfully I heard one of my currently favorite songs when I get into the car!

Then the next night I am with a girlfriend riding in my neighborhood. There are some kids playing in the street and I stop for them to get out of my way. Too bad the jerk behind me couldn't wait. He tailed me and revved his engine. Then when we got on the main drag he really tailed me and passed me quickly.

Kevin and I went to a happy hour with his friends. They decided that they wanted to go to a bar after the restaurant. Kevin wanted to play a round of pool, so we went. When I walked in and sat at a table near the bar, the guy behind the bar got his flashlight waived it in my eyes and said "show me your id now!" 

Well glad I look young, and sure you may be understaffed but could you ask more nicely? 
That was all I could think so that I wouldn't be rude back myself.
I then go to hand him my ID and accidentally drop it. He picks it up, looks and hands it back to me.
As I walk away he says "What the $@*^ was that."

No I didn't buy a drink and we were out of there as soon as Kevin won his game of pool.

Why are people so not patient? Why so rude? What is going on in their day that they feel the need to be that mad/act that way?

To that I just listen to a song that makes me happy and rise above.

1 Corinthians 16:14


  1. Ugh what a weekend. Although sounds like there were some silver linings like Kevin winning his pool game. I don't understand people some times... well, a lot of times!

  2. Oh man! You really did have a run of bad encounters! I'm sorry! Good music can help turn the day around, I know that! A week or two ago, we were at Sam's Club and some salesguy said, "Can I show you guys something?" like the usual sales pitch goes, and Angel just waved and kept walking and said, "Sorry, no thank you!" like you usually do when ignoring a sales pitch (lol!) and the guy responded, "Really? Well, whatever man!" in a disgusted voice. I though that was really strange behavior, not exactly the way to win loyal customers!

  3. OMG!! That's crazy!! We had the some of the same things. People have been so rude!! It's the holidays.

  4. ugh. my family and I were crossing the street. we had a green light and a walk signal. someone coming the opposite way, also with a green light, was turning right and had to wait for us, since you know, pedestrians have right of way. they yelled at us "look at the light dumb***" as if we were crossing on red! stupid people.

  5. I'll never understand why some people choose to behave that way. Life is so much more rewarding when you're nice.

  6. Omg, wow, that sounds like so many horrible run ins with rude unhappy people. At least you handled it well but I hope this week is better!
    Nice blog and post.


  7. Oh gosh! I'm sorry that happened! Kill them all with kindness, even though it's hard. Hope this week is better!!

  8. I hate when this happens! I love always radiated kindness when people are rude...

    xo & now following

  9. Some people are just rude... And some people take their bad days out on everyone else. Way to have a good attitude!

  10. Wow, some people are just really rude. I feel sad for them that they feel so negative all the time. I always kill them with kindness ;) Glad you kept a good attitude about it though. It's tough sometimes!


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