November 7, 2013

Count on Hope to get you Through

I sometimes wonder why it takes a death to reunite a family.
But then I remember life gets in the way and most often we just can't help it.
On November 6th, five years ago, my uncle, my Godfather passed away.

I remember my dad going up to Ohio and staying up there for a while before we got the call. 
It was a hard decision to take my uncle off life support.
He was to young.
My cousin, an only child, to young to lose her dad.
My aunt to young to lose her husband. My dad to young to lose his brother and my grandparents outliving their child. It doesn't make sense.

We went back to Ohio. I remember everyone telling me that next time we got the family together it needed to be for a happy occasion. Everyone smiling at me hoping for a wedding.
Without hope, we are left with despair.
Good thing my wedding was the next time my family all got together.
In that way, my wedding was perfect.

While Kevin and I were on our honeymoon we found out that his grandpa died unexpectedly.
When we got home, my grandma died. This happened when I first started my blog and I wrote a little here.

Death sucks.
Eloquent huh. 


  1. Death does suck. :( I lost my grandma last month and my Godmother last week - I hate how those things come together and make the grieving process worse, because you get to the point where you just don't feel like you want to think about any more deaths. Bringing the family together again to celebrate a wedding seems like the perfect antidote!

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. :/ I had a funeral earlier this week for one of my girlfriend's dads and in Sept my boyfriend's best friend lost his Mom. I lost my father 7 years ago. It is awful.

  3. I'm sorry friend ): Death is so hard to go through - Someone close to me has passed away every year for as long as I can remember. It truly is so painful and even though it is a normal part of life - it doesn't make it any easier to accept <3

  4. Ugh it really does stink how lots of times it's a funeral to get families back together. And I'm so sorry you had so many losses in a short time.

  5. Love that verse. So sorry for your losses. It never gets any easier, just remember they are always in your heart!!

  6. Death sucks. That's pretty much the only thing we can say about it. I've experienced family deaths--though thankfully not any close relatives, I'm very blessed for that. I still remember the first time Angel experienced having a patient die, he was very shaken up--you nurses sometimes have to experience it more often than us non-medical people.


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