November 4, 2013

I Have a Freebie for you!!

So here in my house, internet is a big thing. Kevin being all computer savvy and his living and such and me being a big, bad blogger. Oh that last one not so true??

Well besides all that, we invest in our internet to get the fast stuff. This is something I will gladly spend money on. I am not patient when it comes to slow internet. That being said, I like to share it when people come over!

When I was growing up, I lived in the middle of nowhere. When we were finally able to get internet out in the country there was no question what network you linked up to when company came a knocking.

Now I live in a neighborhood and it is 2013 and everyone has wi-fi.

On a side note, I couldn't remember the word network as I was writing this post. I was trying to get the word out of Kevin to describe what pops up in order for one to wirelessly connect to internet. He told me they were SSIDs. For all of you who needed to know that...

But anyway. This is one crazy silly post to get through for a freebie huh!
I named my SSID (there you go Kevin) Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi. 
I thought I was clever.

But every time people come over they assume that we are Deathstar or Mothership or Bad Mofo. Apparently they don't find my name clever and assume Kevin would be naming the wi-fi and use one of those names. And I have a lot of clever neighbors it would seem. So I made a sign. So people wouldn't have to ask and I framed it to go in the guest bedroom. Let them ask what my SSID is but at least I got them covered when it comes to the password.

So there you go, you can download it here.
Totally helps especially if you can't talk your husband off of a password that looks like I accidentally palmed my hand on the keyboard. 

Example. oiHg4%@#$$fasR

Thankfully I got him to change the password to something simpler...


  1. haha--this is a great idea!! I always have to go through a lot to look up the wifi password when I'm staying with relatives! I can imagine this coming in really handy!

  2. NICE! I don't know why it never occurred to me to make a sign...

  3. That's adorable! And I LOVE the name of your WiFi! :-)

  4. our wifi is named notinjersey! it was named that before my blog was actually.

  5. Haha I love the name of your wi-fi! We didn't name ours... well my husband set it up while I was at work and didn't think to name it. And our password looks similar to that palmed keyboard, haha.

  6. Brilliant Idea.... found it through Pinterest... made one for my home and shared on my blog... I added a link to this post in my post in order for readers to checkout/download the design. Thank you for designing and sharing :)
    Link to my blog-


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