November 12, 2013

I Keep Making These Lists...

This weekend was way more laid back then I intended it to be. I hoped to get projects that are still outstanding done around the house. 

Instead I totally did not.
Plus Kevin needed to study.
I needed to clean the house.
I needed to do laundry.
Kevin won an award.

Yay! Kevin! He won this award last year and it was even more awesome this year!
Then Sunday we relaxed with football and friends!

So congrats Kevin on your reward. You deserve it! Because....

He has a job.

He works hard.
He loves me.
He's passionate about our family.
He's a good leader.
He's not a whiner.
I can trust his judgment.
He does the right thing, even when he doesn't want to.
He tries to please me.
He's organized.
He's inventive.
He loves to get his hands dirty.
He's adventurous.
He's dependable.
He takes command.
He can still sweet talk me.
He's a saver.
He's a spender.
He rarely buys things for himself.
He's disciplined.
He doesn't swear.
He doesn't swear that much.
He can fix anything.
He knows when to call a repairman.
He's stays calm in hairy situations.
He asks my opinion.
He's committed to our marriage.
He's realistic.
He surprises me with flowers and gifts.
He compliments me.
He's a good guy.
He's consistent.
He helps clear the table.
He thanks me at the end of most meals.
He has simple tastes.
He has a sweet smile.
He doesn't make excuses.
He knows me.
He chose me.
He's a great bug killer! (well some he saves, but he removes them from the situation)
He'll help with laundry.
He touches me in all the right ways, and in all the right places.
He still wants to be physical with me.
He loves me as I grow older.
He wants to be a good man.
His eyes don't stray.
He doesn't step out on me.
He doesn't drink too much.
He doesn't do drugs.
He gets what's important in life.
He would do anything to keep me smiling.
He would lay down his life for us.
His arms are protective.
He keeps our cars spotless.
Things seem to roll off his back.
He's a trusted friend.
He'd give a stranger the shirt off his back.
He's honest.
He's not a showoff.
He's not scatter-brained.
He's always prepared.
He's a great provider.
I know we'll never go hungry.
He's creative.
He calls if he's running late.
He's always on time.
He's happy to work behind the scenes.
He makes me laugh.
He has a good heart.
He is honorable.
He takes out the garbage.
He finds the fun in life.
When he makes decisions he considers the needs of our family first.
He's irresistible.
He's kind.
He is willing to watch romantic movies with me.
He cracks up at TV commercials.
He's respected at work.
He's a good employee..
He's a man of his word.
He's a good companion.
I'm still attracted to him.


  1. I think it's wonderful that you can make a list this long citing the reasons (big and small) you love the man you married.

  2. I'm impressed with your list!! It's a good wifey that can list all the things she loves about her hubs!!!

  3. So cute! I have done this before and it really makes the person you do it for feel special. :)

  4. So sweet! Love this list. Kevin sounds like a really awesome person :)


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