November 22, 2013

Letters to Home

Dear Home,

The house I grew up in was one my parents made completely their own. It was an ugly little shack when my parents moved to you in one of the hottest summers on record. Today it is an oasis of beauty. When I go back, my memories of our time together are still fresh.

I come home to you because I miss my parents and sisters. I miss the huge cottonwood trees, the vast land, the mountains, the river, and the house itself. I am always awed by the beautiful sunsets.

I have transitioned into a new home now.

In a new way, a totally new place, from the beginning.
With my husband. 

so true!

I am excited for this holiday season. I get to go for Thanksgiving to my childhood home and I get to stay in my new home for Christmas.

Awesome homies in my homes!



  1. Sounds like it will be a wonderful season for you!

  2. Sweet! I love being able to go back to my parents house whenever I want. I spent most of my growing up years there, since I was 9 at least. Family is definitely what makes a house a home.


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