November 1, 2013

Staining the Cabinets

The big kahuna. This is one of the biggest projects we took on with our house. Simple yet time consuming. But this gave us the biggest impact and hopefully the biggest bang for our buck.

We stained the bathroom vanity, the guest bathroom vanity, the laundry room, and the kitchen. It was easy and looks even better than the pictures show!

I used General Finishes Java GEL Stain. I love the gel part of it. Why you ask? Because any of you that have ever stained something in your life, know how much of a tedious job it is. This gel stain?!? Super easy. You paint it on like paint instead of stain, but it gives you stained results. This can go over real wood and linoleum as well (the sides of the vanity were linoleum)

There are tons of different colors. I picked a very dark color and in the pictures it looks much darker than in real life.

Here are the steps:
Tape off your area, the walls, floors, and underside of the countertop with painter's tape. Take off the doors
Then clean the vanity with a slightly wet rag. Let it dry.

Rough up the wood. I say rough. You don't have to completely sand it down! That makes it so much easier. Just sand with the grain!

Then wipe it down with tack cloth twice to get all dust off.
The linoleum will most likely take one less coat than the wood. It takes to the gel stain well.
It is so easy to apply. I applied three thin coats to get the color I wanted.

It only took overnight to dry between each coat.

So here is my favorite part - the Before and After Pictures:

BEFORE we started out with this:

And went to this. Ya you bet we labeled each cabinet!!

And then to this...

Then we added the pulls and put the doors back on

THE AFTER of the kitchen!
Don't mind the mess...oh and I talked about the floors here :-)

Other details?!?

The difference after one coat!

Labeling system

The work space (aka the garage)

Need extra drying space? How about the old toilets?!

BEFORE of the laundry room

AFTER the laundry room

BEFORE guest bath

AFTER guest bath

BEFORE master bath

AFTER master bath


  1. WOW, the kitchen looks amazing! Kudos to you guys!!

  2. Wow it turned out great!! What a difference it makes!

  3. Especially in your kitchen, the dark cabinets look amazing! What a huge difference!

  4. I'm so jealous of all the cabinents you have! They look amazing stained! :-)

  5. I love it. Looks great and makes it look like a completely different home !!

    Jocelyn @ Pretty Lucky Mama

  6. a) i want your kitchen and b) the renovation looks amazing!

  7. That looks unreal awesome!! My parents did the same thing in their house a few months ago and I so want to do it in ours! LOVE your labeling system!

  8. This looks AMAZING! It looks like you got a brand new kitchen! And holy cow do you have a lot of cabinets! Lucky girl! :)

  9. I LOVE IT!!! gorgeous, gorgeous! And yes, I'm totally jealous of all your cabinet space! :)

  10. You have so much cabinet space! We don't even have half if that. It all looks great!

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