November 13, 2013

Talking Groceries

This post officially makes me a boring old adult.
I am talking about groceries.
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How much should one spend on groceries?

I think that my husband and I eat very well.
Problem is waste.
How much of that money is effectively going into my belly and how much is going into the garbage in the form of food waste?

Lately I have been trying to plan my meals and it works out decently well. I absolutely have room to grow since I want to plan with more prep. Why? Because sometime despite my prep I have not been organized well enough to let food spoil.

Just don't spend 72 dollars on a mango.
True story.

The lady checking me out for some reason charged me 72.68 for a mango. Really it only should have been .49 cents so I have no idea how this lady got 72.68. To make matters worse I had already swiped by card when I realized that my bill was way larger than it should have been and I had to go stand in the customer service line just to get my money back.

That was one good mango and yes I did get a refund ;-)

But this is a good topic especially when food stamps are changing up right now. In my state at least, I found people were getting $200 per adult for one month of food stamps.

Woah. I spend on average $50 each for Kevin and I
And we eat well.
Oh and drink.

So how much do you spend a month on groceries? Color me curious...


  1. Please do share how you only spend $50 per person each month for groceries. I'd say we spend at least $125 per person per month. This does include stuff to pack breakfasts and lunch as well.

  2. I would love to know that secret too! We spend about $100 Sometimes a little more a little less every two weeks for my husband and I. Now including some simple table food for our baby girl.

  3. I wish my grocery bill was lower! However, we are a family of 6 so groceries tend to be expensive. I do meal plan so that I can keep my grocery bill from being too crazy! I need to get back into couponing!

    I love mango! I'm glad you got your money back! :)

  4. I'm by myself and I tend to spend about $100 a month...but before you go "say WHAAAT", I also usually end up feeding my ever-hungry boyfriend several times a month (he's a runner and is ALWAYS hungry. Seriously. Where do I guys PUT it all???). So I guess that is more for two people, lol.

  5. I have a small family of 3 and we spend anywhere from $60 - 70 a week on groceries and I still find that we eat out a lot! Starting to think I really need to evaluate what we buy every week or really take meal prep serious.

    Jocelyn @ Pretty Lucky Mama

  6. $50????? What????? CV and I spend about $500 a month on groceries. (I know I know I know...thats a little much, but that's honestly how much we spend!!)

  7. We spend close to $500 a month and that doesn't include formula for the baby. I'm just chalking it up to NY is expensive but now I'm curious how you spend so little. I find when I meal plan i am so much less wasteful.

  8. We spend about $500/ month on groceries. For two people. Food is expensive in Vancouver. Really expensive. And Michael likes to eat well. The only thing that usually gets wasted is fruits and vegetables that don't get eaten fast enough before they go bad, but our city does green waste recycling, so it all goes into a big compost somewhere. If we didn't have so many bears in our area, we would probably make our own compost.

  9. WOW!! That's awesome!! I want to know that secret too. We aren't too bad. we usually spend $75 total.

  10. It's just my boyfriend and I and we go grocery shopping usually every 2 weeks. We spend $100-$150. I can't believe how expensive other people's groceries are! That blows my mind! We eat pretty "clean" though... when we have our "cheat" days we can easily spend more, so, I think that's a big step in the right direction for us.

  11. We generally spend at least $300 on groceries. John eats a lot of protein because of body building and it really racks the bill up! I would love to grow a garden and save a little money that way.

  12. I just told Jihn that we need to get a handle on grocery spending. I've got to get back into coupons and find a good farmers market.

  13. I love grocery shopping! I actually really enjoy it! Our bill always varies because I am constantly picking up stuff from the deli or something new I want to try. Oops, oh well! :) I try to be smart and use coupons or buy sale items though which helps.


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