November 5, 2013

The Bye Week

So I have two leagues this year for fantasy football. The first is my friends and family league and the second league is my husband's work league. 

This year my fantasy teams are not doing as well as I would like.
Here are the emotions I go through on any given season.

Every time my team wins I try and act nonchalant and stuff, but it usually ends up being this....

Oh and I am just so genuine when someone else wins...

But every time I watch your back!

What is even worse is when people feel the need to remind you that you have lost....

I never cheer for the fantasy win at the expense of the Broncos not doing well though.
Oh and the week that the Broncos lost...

Broncos had a bye week this week and I lost both my fantasy games! I was totally supposed to win one but someone named Seneca Wallace couldn't throw a freaking ball!!! Sad weekend.
Really I need to be winning all my games for any chance at the playoffs...

Anyone else having a bad fantasy season?!


  1. These are hilarious! I love love love Jennifer Lawrence!


  2. I played on a free fantasy Nascar league years ago and wasn't into it as much as I thought I'd be but my drivers did good apparently and while they didn't win the entire thing they were in the top something. So I never thought about doing it for another sport, like the brackets too, I just pick randoms and go.

  3. Haha this is great. I am also cracking up at the faces around Jennifer in your first GIF. They are priceless.

  4. yeah. this is my worst fantasy season yet. I'm 4-4 now. still in 4th place though, so maybe I'll still make the playoffs??

  5. Haha love the emotions! I wish I could get excited about football, oh well ;)


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