December 16, 2013

A Christmas Break

It is TEN days until Christmas. It is complete madness for me and most other people.

I love Christmas! There are tons of fun and good things to do but sometimes you have to give yourself permission to take a Christmas break. Say no to some things so you can say yes to what this season is all about.

-Don't worry if you didn't send out Christmas cards on time.
-Don't stress about your white elephant gift.
-Store bought treats are okay.
-Skip that Christmas party if you need a night to yourself (okay not that popular, but some of you I clearly see are!)

If you are like Kevin and I, the holidays are manageable. Our gift list is on the smaller side. Our obligations are doable with somewhat flexible jobs (Kevin more flexible than mine) and no kids yet.  If this is the case for you, take advantage of this opportunity to help someone who doesn't have time.

I think we all have seasons of giving and receiving and sometimes I feel too busy and other times I feel refreshed and can give easily. If you are in the giving season, I hope you find people to bless today!

And I shall bless all of you with....a giveaway!!!


  1. All very true! I still need to get my work swap gift. But not stressing ;)

  2. I'm doing my best not to stress at all about Christmas because A) it's about the loved ones gathering and B) my wedding is so soon after that I can't stress about TWO things ;) Love this!

  3. Good reminder girl!! I get stressed about how much I have to work around this time, and I feel like I'm missing out on Christmas-y stuff, but I'm determined to just enjoy it all that I can!!

  4. Yes!!! I am slowly learning I can't do it all. For the first year in forever I am not baking for Christmas. Just can't do it with two little guys needing me and I'm sure my family will understand.

  5. Yes!! It's not worth stressing yourself out over trying to make everything perfect! Do what's manageable, and it will still be a great holiday!

  6. Next year I'm doing it all different. So over this year already.

  7. I'm seriously in shock that Christmas is NEXT WEEK. Where did this year go?!


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