December 3, 2013

A Christmas Gift Idea for You!

I love my home. I love constantly finding new and neat ways to decorate!
Art is a great way but so expensive most of the time.

For the guest bedroom I want tons of color.
A bright welcome to all of our guests!
Orange has been my color!

So with the help of Easy Canvas Prints, I was able to add a dash of color to my work in progress guest bedroom!

The website was easy to work with and gives you everything you need to customize your print the way you want. When it arrived I had exactly what I wanted: a great quality canvas from them!

I love it!! It pops that orange out I am looking for!

This would be a great Christmas gift for someone or even for yourself!
Now at Christmas I am always looking for deals, so here is a deal just for you!

Three great deals! Use them up!
Oh and if canvases are not your thing, you can also get some great family shirts!

I was compensated for this print, however all opinions and expressions are my own.


  1. Such a bright pretty print! I wish I had a guest room to decorate all pretty. Collin has been asking for a "bigger boy room" so it looks like a children room remodel is in my future. Will have to check out their prints.

  2. I would love canvases - but I need more wall space first ;)

  3. I love canvases.. I have so many to do for the house! I love this print!!

  4. Wow! That print turned out fabulous!!! :-)

  5. Less-expensive options for art that looks great are always welcome!!


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