December 2, 2013


I can't believe that it is already December. It seems like certain times of the year go by faster than others (where as February and March sometimes feel like they're moving backward), but I'm embracing the upcoming holiday season with open arms. It will be busy, but I'm a firm believer that the more time you set aside for the little things, the more you'll enjoy the best parts of each season.

Here is to Christmas carols, decorating the house, lights, snuggling under the covers, and looking at the snow (in pictures, on the internet)! Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. I can't believe its December either! The year flew fast!!

  2. I swear this has been the fastest year ever...craziness! I love December though, so here's to the best season of all! :)

  3. December is such a celebration-filled month, it does feel like it goes by incredibly fast!

  4. i completely agree. certain times DRAG by and with all the holiday fun it seems like it flies!

    ps. those pictures are so dreamy and make me want to go home, curl up with hot cocoa, and read a book!

  5. OH I agree!! I feel like November FLEW by! But I'm excited for the Christmas season too! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!!

  6. I feel like this whole year flew by too! I can't believe it is already December. I am so excited for the holidays and Christmas cheer though :D


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