December 11, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap

It is entirely too late to be attempting a Thanksgiving recap, but here I am doing it anyway. Eleven days into December already...

Right before Thanksgiving I managed to walk down the stairs wrong and sprained my ankle. A third degree sprain. That means it is a bad sprain and I should have just fallen down instead of letting my ankle take all of the weight.

So I got to deal with pain and crutches for my Thanksgiving break. But still thankful to be healthy otherwise....oh wait. I ended up getting a massive cold.

We celebrated Kevin's birthday with his family on Friday.
Then on Thursday we celebrated my sister's 18th birthday and Thanksgiving with my family.
My talented sister made the centerpiece in her high school horticulture class!

Friday we continued to hang out with my family and Saturday we did Thanksgiving with his family. 

Since we have been back from New Mexico, Kevin and I have been decorating the house for Christmas. It has been a lot of work. The best kind of work in my opinion. I have quite a few "Charlie Brown" ornaments as I like to call them, but after this Christmas when I hit the sales I figure my decor for next year will be even better!

I think before Christmas though I need to get a tree skirt and trust all the wrapping of gifts to my husband. I am terrible!!


  1. Oh no! I hope your ankle is better now! That's the worst feeling ever. But, in other news, your sister's centerpiece is so dang pretty. Love it!

  2. Feel better. I'm always hurting my ankle.. I love all the pictures.. Are they taken with your camera?

  3. oh no!!!! hopefully your ankle is better soon!

  4. oh, man. i'm sorry about your ankle. i'm ALWAYS spraining mine. it sucks.

    i'm liking the new look of the place. very clean and elegant.

  5. Why did you not tell me you sprained your ankle??? I hope you're feeling better! PS, I'll be doing the Tucson "meet up with absolutely everyone you can in the shortest amount of time" on the 20th, so you better be there!!

  6. Ouch, I hope your ankle is better!

  7. Yikes! Sorry about your ankle! :/ I have to say though, sometimes the Charlie Brown-ish decorations are the best ones! :)

  8. Ouchy. I know how you feel I did something similar the other day it was my very first sprain.
    Coming down the stairs on our porch I looked down at my watch missing the last stair and rolled my ankle. I cried like a baby. My 19 yo son had to carry me into the house it was embarrassing. Mines not as severe as yours it's a 2nd degree sprain.
    Well I hope you're healing well. xo


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