December 19, 2013

The Thompson House According to Gus

Hello readers of Life Love Lauren! My name is Gus! Lauren occasionally calls me Gus Gus in a baby voice. I think it is slightly annoying, but oh well, I do what I can to make Lauren happy.

I have been with Lauren since college. I have been in four different houses, but this is the first one that feels like home. It is the second one Lauren has actually put me up in. But she just wants me to be perfect.

Lauren put an assortment of ornaments on me. She has a great aunt that I guess has gotten her an ornament or so every Christmas. Some made them out in the living room on this other Christmas Tree who thinks he is bigger and badder than me. Whatever. Does he have a taco?

Didn't think so sucker!

Next year she claims she is going to give me a facelift. 
Maybe a boob job and brow lift if I am lucky!
Does this view make my butt look big?

I can't wait. Until then, I will just enjoy the view of her room....and my reflection!

Just ignore the chair. He is mad that I pushed him out of his spot!

Oh and Lauren says today is the last day to enter her Christmas Giveaway.

Gosh, all this promotion I am doing for her!
I should have charged her for this guest post. But she claims she is poor. I guess Christmas, a new fuel pump, new tires, and needing a new car are all pretty expensive...
Thanks to Amanda for getting me the guest post job!


  1. I think this is just about the cutest little tree ever! Plus, how can you ever part with something that's garnered so many memories?!

  2. Bahahah "Gus Gus" in a baby voice... I love it! Glad you did this! :D (And no Gus, your butt doesn't look big.)

  3. Love the guest post from Gus! At first I was trying to figure out when you guys got a dog ha ha.
    Such a cute tree!

  4. Um if Gus Gus is going to have a boob job, I'm going to start calling him Gill or something... just saying!


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