January 29, 2014

Blogging Buddies

Well just yesterday I was saying that my life intertwines with lots of people who did not sign up to have themselves pop up on the world wide web. But I have really made so many great friends through blogging and I hope to make more. I honestly spend way more time reading most of your blogs than I do writing for my own. And then I am the worst at checking my email and have given some of you the worst one liner responses back possible. Let's change that! 

Last night I got to have some vid chat time with one of my fave bloggers. It really is so much fun to have someone you can plan vid chats with and text and just get to know so much better than past the post of a blog!
Yeah typical Tuesday night! Alli is not impressed with my animation.... #typical

Alli is one you want to get to know! 
She is mad talented at blog design. (Take a look at mine if you don't believe me!)

She is beautiful. (enough said)

She is mad smart. (shit she is at MIT!)
She is nice. (And gluten free. First time I had her over I forgot this and basically all she could eat was the guacamole I made. She was so nice about it and we have really bonded over a couple of good batches of Guac.)

Oh and her jewelry....WOW.

Here are my pieces I have by her. I even got to watch her make mine!

Go show her some love!
And check me out on her blog today beating her hard in a football jewelry war!

1) Bright Orange Statement Necklace by Crave Jewels
2) Gemstone Statement Necklace by missbatch
3) Orange Quartz Necklace by Gem Lounge Jewelry
4) Orange and Aqua Dangle Earrings by Rustic Gem Jewelry
5) Sleek Carnelian Bangle Bracelet by Liv Jewellery
6) Carnelian Beaded Bangle by Eleria Jewelry
7) Sunburst Orange Pendant Necklace by Wrenn Jewelry
8) Orange Briolette Necklace by Annali's Jewelry

Want to join in on the Super Bowl war? Join us using the hashtag #BloggerBowlBattle on Instagram and tell us who your favorite team is!


  1. Pretty sure I beat you!! And oh lord the picture of me is even more horrid when it pops up in Bloglovin'!

  2. her stuff really is incredible!!! and dang she is smart!

  3. I love this!! I want in on this group blate!! I think y'all are both so wonderful!!!


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