January 13, 2014

New Year, Already late

Well I guess we can cross of being punctual off of a resolution for me since I am talking about the new year 13 days after the new year has begun. Whoops. 

Isn't it crazy how we can look back a year ago and realize how much everything has changed? The amount of people that have left your life, entered, and stayed. The memories you won't forget and the moments you wish you did. Everything. It is just crazy how all that happened in just one year.

January- I ran my first and so far only 5K. One a year the plan I guess? I also tried to remember that I wanted to lose some weight but I wasn't very good at doing it. I also tried being a funny blogger here, here, and here. Funniest thing is that blogger decided it didn't like some of my images there. Don't know why they have up and disappeared...Oh and I made some resolutions. I think I truly and fully accomplished five of them.

February- I enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday. Although I hope I enjoy it more this year because that will mean the Broncos are playing! Go Denver!! I also recapped Kevin and I living in Tucson together for a year on our journey together!

March- I had a great time in Vail. I also got a little nostalgic about my sisters.

April- I hosted my first ever holiday: Easter. Then I posted my leftover recipes. I participated in a virtual baby shower for my girl Tiffany.

May- It was one year with Kevin. We celebrated by going to San Antonio and Austin. I gave him a pretty creative gift if I do say so myself. I We also went and celebrated Kevin's sister graduating from high school. I also realized that I am getting old and that my second career move is to play in the NFL.

June- I got very mushy about my blogging since I was celebrating my one year blogging anniversary too! I got even more mushy seeing two of my favorite people getting married! I also celebrated my birthday, Gilmore Girls style on the blog, and one of my girlfriends bachelorette weekend! May and June seem to be pretty big months for me. I also shared my favorite comfort food recipe and deep cleaned my house!

July- Kevin and I celebrated our engagement anniversary and Fourth of July in style! I also celebrated Christmas in July.

August- I got super excited for football! I also shared my travel essentials and enjoyed some concerts and a wedding!

September- I found a way that worked for me to save money, I talked about living with a man, I kept enjoying my football and food, and I talked about a struggle we have all had.

October- I talked about what should have already been invented in 2013,  I talked about what does not happen after you get married, gave some interview tips, and felt fall for one weekend.

November- It was Kevin's birthday, I bragged on how much I love him! I took Thanksgiving and my sister's 18 birthday off work and spent it with them. I talked about being happy and also talked about death. I gave my first freebie and had my bye week in Fantasy Football.

 December- I started a new Christmas tradition, looked back on Christmases past, and I hosted Christmas. I also introduced the blog world to Gus

As for the year to come, here are some of the things I would like to resolve for:

Every day wisdom for fulfilled life.

Above all, this year will be to create a life full of health, happiness, and love for myself and my family.
Happy New Year!!


  1. I love your 2013 recap. So cute!! We need to get together soon! :)

  2. You can totally do that goal list - you go girl! Yay to 2014 :)

  3. Yay! Happy New Year! Can't wait to spend another year blogging with you :)


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