January 27, 2014

Staff Meetings

Welcome Monday morning...
Eh just kidding.

As a nurse, you would not immediately think staff meetings. But I have them. At least one every day! I am a nurse in management so now I know what all of you guys who go to meetings deal with. For those of you who have never been in a staff meeting, it is pretty self explanatory and not all that glamorous....

First you walk in. Sit down. There may be some stale doughnuts for the taking.

They announce a new change. You need to pretend you are awake and care about it. 

You get through your part of the meeting trying to leave unscathed.

Then everyone else talks and talks and talks and you and your co-worker look at each other. This is when you decide this meeting is long and boring and take part in your own private conversation. 
A Real Housewife Reaction Gif For Every Situation

Then someone leaves early thanks to a "previously scheduled engagement". Blah blah blah. I am jealous. Take me with you?!

Then the meetings ends
And you realize you gotta get back to work!

Happy Monday everyone! Today I just need to remember stale doughnuts are extra calories...


  1. Staff meetings are so worthless- at least where I work. It always ends up with at least 5 different side conversations until someone is the first person to stand up and leave. They just dragggg.

  2. We don't have weekly staff meetings but we do have monthly and quarterly meetings with my group. PAINFUL. I don't envy you having them so often!

  3. Oh how I hate staff meetings! Happy Monday, love! Glad you made it through!

  4. Your life as a nurse...gotta love it! My stepmom is head nurse of high risk pregnancy and its interesting to hear about her staff mtgs.

  5. I would KILL for a stale donut right about now. No joke.

  6. Mondays are and will always be the bane of my existence haha

  7. Haha. Oh goodness, this sounds far too familiar!


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