February 10, 2014

In Light of Everyone's Bad Weather....

Living in the southwest all my life, I really have it good in terms of weather. Everyone has different weather problems to worry about no matter where you live, but since this winter has been down right terribly cold for most, I thought I would find some funny things to "warm" up the mood today.

I found this map a guy created using data of user responses and NOAA's average annual snowfall days map.


Admitting his map was not perfect (everything is relative), he also posted these series of clarifications:
1. The lightest green says "any snow" but also includes merely the prediction of snow. Also, this is snow accumulation over 24 hours/overnight.
2. In much of the Midwest and Great Plains, school closing often depends more on wind chill and temperature than on snow accumulation ("cold days"). Thus, this map may be misleading in those areas.
3. Many jurisdictions in California and other western states have significantly varied snowfall, depending on elevation. This makes it difficult to find an "average" number, or often makes it misleading.
4. Urban areas like Chicago and New York have more resources to clear snow and often need more to cause closings.
5. To everyone saying "I grew up in so-and-so and we never closed school," policies have changed in the last 20 years to make closing a much more common occurrence. Just because schools stayed open back then doesn't mean they do these days.
6. Hawaii does get snow! Just... not where people live.
7. Data was taken from hundreds of various points from user responses and interpolated using NOAA's average annual snowfall days map. Any corrections/additions are welcome, just give a decently specific location.

Oh and then I found this article that just had me laughing HARD. That was totally true for me living in southern New Mexico.

Have a warm Monday!!


  1. The Austin Snowpocalypse post cracked me up. At the last report I've heard, my city had had 54" of snow as of January 15...and I know we've had several feet of new snow since then. This is too much!

  2. This has been one of the worse winters St. Louis has experienced in a long time. We use to know how to treat roads so schools wouldn't be cancelled but this year its like they forgot! Then we should have learned from the first storm that came in, what to do when the latest but of course nope we didn't do that either. I love snow, I love to ski but I'm kinda tired of MO not taking care of things the way they use to.

  3. Yep to the Midwest and wind chills... our schools were closed a few days already for that this season!

  4. Lol I'm loving living in AZ :D Seriously best weather ever.


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