February 21, 2014

Lauren is Linking up Again!!

Gah! Remember the good old days of Tuesday Topics?!? I loved it cause I always had fun things to write about and read at least one day a week!

This time I am doing a one time link up with some fab ladies and I hope you join us!!!

We all link up on the last Friday of the love month (aka the 28th)
Here is the prompt we are using. These are starters to sentences and you just finish them off! 

I am 
I want 
I have 
I wish 
I hate 
I fear 
I hear 
I search
I wonder 
I regret 
I love 
I ache 
I always 
I usually 
I never 
I rarely 
I am not always 
I lose 
I'm confused when 
I should

So for example:
I am always happy when he is around.
I want a puppy

you have your boyfriend, husband, significant other, best friend, whatever, finish those same sentences!

This will be the first...and possibly last time I will convince Kevin to make an appearance on this blog! HAHA!

Oh and the ladies that are hosting this with me? They are awesome, check them out!

She is totally one of those best friend type of girls. She even posted about how we pretty much could finish each other's sentences if we could just live in our sweatpants in the same city and watch Gilmore Girls!
Life Style Love

I knew her IRL (in real life) before I knew her blogging! I wish she would move back to me here in sunny AZ but she is starting what is amounting to a beautiful family! She is one of the kindest girls you will meet!
happy joyful day
I met her while she was living in AZ! She has a super nice husband named Gary and they are off on their next adventure in West Virginia.

Life of a Sports Wife

We hope you link up with us! Have a happy weekend!!


  1. Well it's about time you get Kevin on the blog for a bit! :)

  2. This looks fun...I'm hoping I can get Keith on board for one time too!

  3. I'm glad you are doing another link up.. I really do miss Tuesday Topics ha ha.
    Count me in for this one!

  4. looks like a fun link up! i will have to put something together and join!


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