February 7, 2014

Olympic Events I Would Dominate if They Were Olympic Events

Today is the first day of the winter Olympics. Overall I favor the summer more because I am a swimmer, but since Kevin has taught me to ski I enjoy watching winter more than I used to. Plus anything that is all about USA winning and coming together...I am in!!!

In honor, I thought I would share some different "events" I would rock at if they were in the Olympics. Clearly cause I would never make into the Olympics as they currently stand...

I can truly trip over anything....it is sad.
Periodic checks... :)

Watching Football
I truly have the perfect setup going on, lots of food, my computer with Fantasy Football open, and Redzone! I rock at watching football!
Story of my life

Eating Chocolate
Trust me. No one can eat more chocolate than me. I sadly assure you.
Conventional wisdom and the SAD diet... chocolate addict

Grouping food at the Grocery Store
I pretty much own that conveyor belt standing in line at the grocery store. I can group all the food so quickly and efficiently. #ocd
This is SO ME!

Not eating fruits and veggies
Totally shouldn't be proud of this one...

Reading Bad Handwriting
Helps me out as a nurse for sure!!

Getting Distracted And Forgetting To Eat
This is one event I wouldn't even come close to qualifying in....but a girl can dream!

What events would you qualify for in the Olympics?!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I'd take silver in the chocolate eating competition. I have a huge problem and I'm not afraid to admit it :)

  2. Hahaha... eating chocolate! Mine would be napping! :)

  3. I love gravity checks. I will start using that one! I'm glad that you can understand me.

  4. I could probably win an Olympics event on sticking my foot in my mouth, figuratively not literally of course ha ha!

  5. Lol I am a food grouper too. I'm also really good at buying fruits and veggies and not eating them. Such a waste! I'd probably win watching college basketball as well :)

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