February 11, 2014

The Cheese Plate

I am obsessed with cheese. It is one of my top three favorite foods alongside chocolate and bread. Plus usually if I am enjoying some nice cheese, that probably means there is some wine accompanying it which always makes me happy!

Every time I go to make a cheese plate, I feel like it will look so fancy. And then I get on Pinterest.
Don't ask me why I compare, but I do.

Here is mine. Note that this does not picture my soft garlic cheese!

Yeah I suppose I should use some more cheeses...
What else do you guys like besides Brie??

Now I am going to go stuff my face in cheese!


  1. I love cheese too. John got me a fondue pot for V day this year. I can't wait to try it out.

  2. Gouda, even cheddar and white cheddar. I normally browse the gourmet cheese section and see what's on sale!

  3. I like cheddar cheese? That's about the only cheese I've tried, well other than Parmesan which is good too :)

  4. Totally 'get it'. I could make cheese my meal.

  5. I've realized that my wooden and slate cheese platters I got on clearance at Target make a huge difference in presentation- love Target! And clearance sales!

  6. Oh my god... you have NO idea how much I love cheese. Seriously... I'm surprised I ever actually poop, that's how much of it I eat.

  7. That looks delicious! And you are fancy girl!

  8. You're missing the wine ;)

    I cannot wait until winery season within just a few weeks. Nothing is more fun that cheese, crackers, pretzels, wine and live music!


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