February 4, 2014

When I married the right person

Lately I have noticed a lot of posts about whether it is right of wrong to get married young in life. I just really hate all of those posts. Why is society so concerned about how old you are when you are married? If it is right it is right. I really have no problem with the fact that I married the right person for me at age 23. To be honest I probably could have married him even earlier than that...
the way it should be! <3
Plus with all of these articles like "23 things to do instead of being married at 23" list things that I can do while being married! I dare someone to find me something I cannot do for the sheer fact that I got married at age 23.

Furthermore, (wow can you tell this is my rant voice?!) If I did not marry the beautiful man that I married so "young" I sincerely believe I would be a lot more close minded. Yeah you heard right. Kevin has been able to expand my views on different topics and make me a better person.

All and all, I do not think that there is one and only person out there for you in the world.
I actually think that there is probably a number of people out there we are compatible with and would be happy with.

But one thing I'm sure of is that I found & married the perfect person for me. Here is why:

We don't get sick of each other.  Kevin is my best friend and has been for 9 years. We haven't even gotten sick of each other! Holla!

We love each other despite our differences. We very much so have some differences. He steals the sheets, I steal the pillows. He lives in the present, I'm very futuristic. He uses big spoons, I like little ones. He likes his eggs scrambled, I like mine sunny side up.  I eat tons of chocolate, he drinks lots of Mountain Dew. Neither of us is wrong, just different. 

We agree on ALMOST everything. I cant even imagine how draining it must be to disagree with your spouse on a regular basis and have frequent heated discussions.  Generally speaking, we agree on most things..if not, we compromise or I win. :-)

We are similar. We're both laid back, middle-of-the-road kind of people. We're  perfectionists when we need to be and we try to do right by everyone.
I love you so much pumkin <333 I love that your my best fiend, I love that we can talk about anything in this world together, and we can just be ourselves around each other and, I love that were so perfect together it seems like we been with each other for our whole lives. You'll always be my one and only love for the rest of my life.


  1. This is a great post! I agree completely! Ryan and I got married when I was 19 and he was 20 and boy did we hear everyones opinion. It was the best decision I have made yet. :)

  2. I'm also not one who believes there's only one perfect person out there--the thing to do is simply pick a good one and stick with him! :) I'm grateful for my husband, and you know I was married young. It doesn't mean anyone else should or shouldn't get married at the exact same age I did--that was the age we were when we decided to get married, that's all! And I'd do the same thing over again.

  3. So great! I got married at 20 and my husband was 24, but no one could really say anything to me since I had been living on my own and paying my own way since I was 18. Either way when it's right your dumb if you give it up because someone else has something to say about it. Like you being married at 20 has helped me be WAY more open minded and I have learned a lot!

  4. My parents got married when they were only 19 and stayed together (happily) until my Dad died. Now, I thank my lucky stars that I didn't marry the guy I myself was with at 19... but for THEM, it worked. It's just something that's different for everyone! :)

  5. I don't understand why there are so many articles about why you shouldn't get married young, or like you said 23 things to do before getting married at 23. I have seen my fair share of friends who did get married young and it didn't work out, and I've also seen some that also got married young and are still crazy happy and in love! I got with John when I was 19 and if he would have asked me to marry him I would have! We are even more crazy about each other and in love than we were back then!

  6. Preach it! Why would someone let a great guy get away just because they were too young? They totally wouldn't. People who write lists like that are trying to make themselves feel better. I truly believe age is just a number and as long as your legal go for it.

  7. :) I feel that I need to write more, but I think this emoticon sums it all up!


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