April 28, 2014

Does Easter Exist if you don't Blog About it?

Easter and Blogging, for some reason I am always slow on the update after the holiday. Last year I posted some of my favorite ways to eat all that leftover Easter ham TWENTY days after Easter. I hope all of your ham was gone by then! Last year was my first year I hosted Easter and I think it went well.

This year I am doing an Easter update EIGHT days late and I didn't even host!
Kevin and I took a quick trip back to NM.
You can always count on my mom to have a beautiful table and plenty of flowers!

Geez....squinty eyes in the sun much?!?

I bet you were all dying...good thing I did that update huh!


  1. I didn't do an update and I have kids. Bad blogger. Oh well. Good thing it comes back around every year :)

  2. Your multicolored dress is so pretty!! For the most part I feel like I avoid writing recaps as much as possible...I'm not sure why, they're not my favorite thing to write, I guess!

  3. Your dress is so beautiful!!! Love your pictures :) and heck we all take a while to update sometimes and guess what its all good :)

  4. 20 days to eat ham? That's a long time

  5. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous! I am a maxi dress/skirt lover in the spring and summer! So I have quite a few and that one is just beautiful :)


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