April 17, 2014

First Run

Let me start off by saying, I am not a runner. I don't wake up in the mornings craving a run, and I certainly don't look forward to running. I'm a squatter, a lifter, a pull up-er, a spinner. (well over a runner that is, doesn't mean I am doing those either...) But runner? Not really. I will admit though, there is a certain feeling of accomplishment and empowerment after finishing a good run.

 I have been really loving the balance I have found when it comes to eating better and working out. I feel like the biggest thing for me is just being CONSISTENT. If I don't do good one day, I don't need to throw everything out the window the next day. I can just start now. Getting over that has been my biggest challenge. And I have found that if you just commit to doing something every day, you will make so much more progress.

Yesterday I had my first "real" run of the year. I say "real" with quotations because, I have actually been running but nothing over a mile...

So anyway, back to yesterday. I decided I wanted to actually run. To go from point A to point B. To feel my feet on the asphalt and to actually go somewhere. I didn't go far... just 1.5 miles (I'm starting slow here) but I plan on building up to about 4 miles so maybe I can run a 5 K.

Even though it was a slow run and wasn't an awesome distance, I'm still proud of my self for actually getting out there (in 90 degree weather, mind you at 7:15pm) and doing it. Best of all I am doing this in my neighborhood cutting down on extraneous time getting to and from a place to work out. That forces me to take the excuse of "I don't have time" out of the picture. I'm pretty excited about it. I don't really have any goals except to finish. Maybe finish without walking. I'm not going to worry about it yet. I just want to be fit and healthy.

Who knows, maybe in a few weeks I'll be an actual runner. You know, the kind that actually enjoys it.


  1. I started with just 1 mile back in January, and it's AMAZING how fast you'll progress, Lauren, trust me! Good for you for getting out there!

  2. I think it's great that you can workout in your own neighborhood without having to go anywhere--saving time is a big motivation for me!

  3. Congrats with your first run, that's awesome! I'd love to start running one day :)

  4. Congrats!!! I'm a runner and I'm always so excited when someone else starts! Keep up the great work and you'll be amazed at how strong and healthy your body will feel :)

  5. Congrats!! You are doing awesome!! Much better than I am doing. I need to get my butt up and work out. Finally starting to feel "normal" again after this move.


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