April 21, 2014

Fried Honey Banana

This season I don't know why but I am not into American Idol. I really used to be. I do have 20 episodes on the DVR (behind much?!) but eh will I watch them? Jury is out. Anyway I made a quick, healthy dessert one night since I was out of chocolate (ahhhhh!!!!) and Kevin said that Fried Honey Banana sounds like something Nicki Minaj would call one of the contestants. 

Never mind she is not on there anymore honey....fired banana. 

Cook­ing Spray
1/4 tea­spoon of cin­na­mon
1 banana
1 table­spoon of honey
1/2 table­spoon of water

Cut the banana into thinish slices. (Real accurate with the measurements here...)
Mix together some honey and water in a bowl and set aside.
Place a frying pan on the stove top under medium heat and spray lots with cooking spray.
Add the bananas and once browned (about 1–2 min­utes) flip over.
Once you flip the pieces of banana over, turn off the stove and add the honey/water mix­ture all over the top and watch it bubble.
Sprin­kle the cin­na­mon on top and enjoy.
(if you like less or more cin­na­mon, it is up to you and your taste buds)

Enjoy your non-chocolate dessert!
But go get chocolate tomorrow. It is on sale after all!
Thanks Easter holiday!


  1. I made these about a month ago. They're a yummy treat...next time I think I'll put them on some ice cream :)

  2. I could not get into AI either this season. I had some on DVR but I just hit delete because eh. I don't know, I think I'm over those shows.

  3. This sounds amazing!! Definitely going to try!

  4. Fried banana is a very traditional dessert in Malaysia--there are little stalls on the street everywhere that sell it!

  5. I've seen this before and keep meaning to try it... looks so damn good!


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