April 29, 2014

Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Have

Start fresh every single day
Put your phone down when you are out with people.
Understand that exercise doesn't have to be a big time commitment.
Practice safe sex always.
Use retinol if you are starting to get wrinkles.
Never grocery shop on an empty stomach.
Keep healthy snacks at home and at work.
Stop beating yourself up.
Don't do drugs. No smoking.
Don't skip your yearly gyno appointment.

Consolidate and pay off your debt ASAP.
Do not overdo booze.
Don't snack if you are not hungry.
Drink at least 8 ounces of fluids a day.
Use SPF and wear a hat in the sun.
Make your home a place you want to be.
Don't buy things you know you will only wear once.
Avoid tanning beds.
Do not skimp on sleep.
Prioritize stress management.
Always wear a seatbelt.
Wash your hands often.
Sneeze into your arm and not your palm.
Learn to take constructive criticism.
Never let Google diagnose you.

What are some healthy habits you have?


  1. Those are all really great habits every girl should have! I can't think of any to really add other than make sure to take your makeup off before you go to bed and to make sure to floss every day :)

  2. Such good habits and so imporant!!! I agree with the comment above ^^ always take off your makeup before bed and floss ;) I would add in make your bed every morning...I for one notice when I make my bed in the morning it starts off my day nicely :) makes me feel like I got things together lol

  3. "Never let Google diagnose you" LOL love this one!!

  4. You are so right! Love all of these.

  5. Love this list! Such a good reminder-- I love positive posts like this-- perfect for the rainy day :)

  6. Not eating when you're not hungry...that one is SO hard. I'm trying to break that habit and it's crazy how ingrained I've made it to just snack constantly. :/

  7. YES to all of these! We don't even keep junk food in the house b/c if it's there we'll eat it! haha

  8. Tanning beds are my kryptonite...I know, I'm so bad. I can personally attest to the importance of not grocery shopping when you're hungry, hahaha!

  9. These are all great things! I need to get healthier for sure.

  10. Love how practical and simple these all are- real life logic!


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