April 24, 2014

How to Find What is Pinned From Your Blog

I have this one little project that I did that is pretty much my only success in bringing in people from Pinterest. I never really use or think about Pinterest that much for numbers, but some of you might be surprised about what people are pinning off you and how many pins there are!

So first off let me mention today's post will be super short, because finding what people have pinned from you is SUPER easy.

All you do is type this into your browser:


Only type the domain name and the .com though! You will see something like this being pinned from my site!
Now if anyone has any tricks to ramp up that Pinterest traffic let me know and share below!!

Happy Pinning!


  1. seriously pinterest analytics are so cool! I like to also see how many pins are more recently pinned and sometimes it's from something from a long time ago!

  2. So cool! I had no idea things had been pinned from my blog!

  3. I found out about that way to view what's been pinned a while back, and it is really cool to check it every once in a while! That's funny that one project of yours has been pinned so much!

  4. This is so helpful! I had searched my blog name in pinterest to see what had been pinned-- but this method brought up even more posts!

  5. Thanks the advice! I never knew that! You are so smart...


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