April 23, 2014

I am from New Mexico

Originally I am from New Mexico. I have written about my hometown, I got married there and I just took a quick trip there over Easter. Growing up I wanted nothing more to get out of New Mexico, but being away I have truly realized how many aspects I did like about New Mexico. 

But being from New Mexico there were things that truly made us different than the rest of the states....Here are some things you can learn about New Mexico:

uno: I do not live in Mexico
Some people forget the New part of New Mexico. No you do not need a passport to visit. We are right between Arizona and Texas. My cousin in Ohio even once told her class that her family was from Mexico. 

dos: The Land of Enchantment
Or Land of Entrapment. Because trust me, most of the reason I wanted to leave so much was because I did not understand why everyone stays in New Mexico. No one moves! I can go back to my hometown and most of my high school classmates still live there...

tres: We are the only ones that truly understand Chile
Red or Green is our state question and that refers to Chile. Not Chili. And green Chile on your pizza is the best. Ask for it in another state besides New Mexico...and you may get bell pepper. Totally not the same....

cuatro: No hablo concerts
Your favorite band will go to Phoenix then to Denver and then Texas. They forget about the New part I guess and skip Mexico.

cinco: Wind
You have not truly experienced wind until you have spent a spring in New Mexico. Dirt blows around everywhere. It can get miserable because it just never stops during the spring time. We occasionally get microbursts too. There was one at my home growing up and there was some pretty good damage.

seis: We have a second state flower
You do not ever want to step on a goat head....

siete: Oh you must be from Albuquerque?
Or Taos or Santa Fe? Las Cruces is the second biggest city but no one will think you are from there or heck any other city in the state. Breaking Bad brought light to Albuquerque.

ocho: Southern New Mexico snow days are the best
This does not count for northern New Mexico, but southern New Mexico loves themselves a good snow day.


This is in Mesilla, a town that essentially is a part of Las Cruces. No one is out there in this picture cause truly this frightens the drivers. So sad...

nueve: Running out of Green Chile is a sin!
Ya, your's truly talking again about green Chile, but trust me, I know how good it is since I am from New Mexico. Running out in July is the worst having to wait the long wait for roasting season!

dies: We have Horny Toads, biscochos and Las Vegas
Their technical name is Horned Toads but they are the most friendliest looking things we have in our desert. Biscochos are Mexican wedding cookies and a staple around Christmas time and a smaller way less Las Vegas city.

Have any of you ever been to New Mexico?


  1. This is funny. I'm not from New Mexico but I've been living here now for almost 4 years. It really is the Land of Entrapment!!!

  2. I can see New Mexico being the Land of "Entrapment"- my fiance's extended family lives in Albuquerque and we visited once and I fell in love with it! It reminds me of my hometown, and the food there is heaven! I'm constantly trying to find ways to convince my fiance that we need to move to New Mexico... but I think he's afraid of the heat.. and he likes San Diego too much!

  3. I've never been!!! I've actually never been out West PERIOD!

  4. Lol this post cracks me up. Sorry all the concert tours always skipped over your state

  5. Hahah love it! R and I stayed in Las Vegas when we were on our way to CO a few summers ago. It was the only place we could find a hotel... PS, you should check out the wind here in Boston. It might be a contender of NM wind.


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