April 9, 2014

Life Lately

Instagram has been the home of most of my updates during my blog break. I have found I really love Instagram. I want to be better about posting to it more though. I find it is like blogs for me where I end up being way better at reading/looking than actually writing/posting. Oh well...

But if you aren't following me (shameless plug...follow me!) here is what I have been up to!

I have done some concert going. Anyone into Volbeat?! My girlfriend and her fiance, son, Kevin, and I all went. But me and my girlfriend took enough of the allotted amount of selfies that night. Which is apparently four. #hahayeahright #itwasmore #shh #whyamitalkinginhashtags

I also relieved some stress painting with some girlfriends. If you are in the Tucson area I highly recommend Bottle and Brush and if you aren't find a local BYOB painting place near you, cause it is FUN!

My family visited and I met my family's new dog Jax. Jax is part Doberman, German Shepard, and Great Dane. Yeah he will be a pretty good sized dog. This is him at 8 weeks and already 25lbs!

Sadly he thinks he is a  lap dog! Haha! I also spent time cheering on my Wildcats. Now I really could care less about basketball that they are out.

Fresh blooms have been a happy occurrence around these parts. 

I especially love this time of year when the desert shows rare signs of being alive.

Speaking of the desert, I did post the obligitory sunset picture. Painted skies against mountains are a cool sight to see!

Oh and food. Cause every blogger/Instagrammer has to have a picture of food right?!?
Yelp sure does know how to do a good job of stuffing my face full!

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Who else is a fan of IG?


  1. I'm so much better at scrolling through than posting too. I need to get out and do things more so I have more pictures to post!

  2. I love instagram... I could spend hours hopping around to all the different photos!

  3. I love IG! I'm better at keeping up with all them posts than I am with blog posts.

  4. I'm sad that our Yelp hasn't been doing much this year since we got a new CM. I'm hoping with summer that changes but who knows!

  5. That painting outing looks like so much fun! I don't have instagram, but Angel does--I like scrolling through his feed sometimes, it is a fun way to see what people are up to!

  6. Oh my goodness, Jax is so freakin' CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. first of all, WOW! I haven't seen your blog in a long time (blogging break on this side too. haha) and second of all, cacti do that?? it's so pretty! lol

  8. Keep taking pictures of those Arizona sunsets for me! I miss them! xo


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