April 15, 2014

The places you will work...

All I have been doing lately is working, so naturally...my mind most often is on work.
Eh...just kidding, it is still work!

This has really got me thinking about how I feel like I am an adult with my real job.
Got me thinking about all my jobs.
And I have had quite a few. 
Some more random than others, let me list a few...

1. Babysitter
This was my very first "job".
I baby sat for family friends who needed me to at very low rates. ie. $3 a kid.
Character building right there folks.
I think this first job made me the tightwad I am today.

2. Administrative Assistant (aka. secretary/filing girl)
I worked for a telecommunications company and did their filing and invoices. It was fun and I liked the business world. Hated the skirts though!

3. Lifeguard
Too many jobs at one time, but being a lifeguard made sense for me and it was the same pool I practiced at all through high school. I knew the people, made some good friends, they worked around my schedule, and I had a good time there!
I sweated my boobs off on the hot days and loved the rainy/lighting days where I got paid to watch it rain! (IT would be totally cooler if it rained money....we were not that kind of establishment people!)

4. Swim Instructor
Oh boy, this was a good job.
So by being a lifeguard, you had to do one summer of swim lessons.
I had a lot of swim experience and actually had a knack for teaching all levels of swimming.
A lot of mommies were happy and wanted me all to their own for their kid.
So I did private swim lessons. That was fun, easy, and good money.
I also never got in trouble with my boss (me!).

5. Crimson Scholar Residential Mentor
Say that five times fast.
Yeah and this was a job Kevin and I held together.
We got free room and board and paid to help honors kids have social lives and live through college.
It was really fun and we only did it for one year, but it was a time consuming job which is ultimately why we both stopped.

Funny side note: you were not allowed to date each other or your residents. Kevin and I were dating when we applied but didn't know that rule. We found out after the interviews were all said and done. We had decided it wouldn't matter because the probability of us both landing the gig was slim. I don't even know how many people applied, but only 30 were chosen for interviews and then 6 were given the job. We were two of them! They didn't know we were dating until we told them, but they played it off and said it would be fine. :-)

6. Veterinary Assistant
I worked for my mother-in-law back in college.
I assisted her when she had surgeries, which was usually once a week in the morning when I didn't have school or clinicals.
I love puppies!

7. Nursing Student
I just didn't get paid for this job!
And it took more hours than a job!
But getting out into the real world after college, it was totally on my resume!

7. RN Charge Nurse
This job and I just didn't vibe.
Hence why I left, but it was a good lesson in getting my first adult job after school.

8. Agency Nurse
It was hard, but I enjoyed the challenge of doing something totally different every day for work. There was a lot of unpredictability so financially I had more to plan (see here) but it was good for me.

9. Unit Manager
My current job that I love and could see myself doing for a long time.
But I guess I thrive on that...since this has been me lately:
I actually got excited after the time change because I could ACTUALLY SEE the sun!! This semester sure was tough for its long days!!

All and all I think the most important thing I have learned being a big girl nurse is....

Never pass up an opportunity to pee.


  1. Bahahaahahah! Amen to the peeing thang! I'm not a nurse but I do work in a hospital and the phone NEVER stops ringing!

  2. Sounds like you've had some good jobs! My first "job" was cleaning stalls at $1/stall ha ha.

  3. I leave in the dark, and come home in the dark too - you don't know how excited I am to have a night off, and its sunny!

  4. It's so interesting to see your progression of jobs and what you've liked and disliked about them! Angel's on his 2nd nursing job since school, and he likes this one MUCH better than the first job--probably just because the hospital environment is better.

  5. You have had some fun sounding jobs! Love the quote at the beginning. Glad you love your current job!!

  6. Haha best advice ever! I feel like you've had just as many random jobs as I have!


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