April 10, 2014

Two Ingredient Cookies

When my family came to visit the other weekend and it was so nice to see them, but it was most full I have ever had my home. When company comes over, food is important (shoot it is always important, lets be real). I don't want to be slaving away in the kitchen the whole darn time.

So the first night I had Kevin grill some steaks and I made a salad and garlic bread. Yum and easy.

Then my sister asked what is for dessert?!

I look in my pantry and find canned pumpkin. My brain knows that I have seen people use it as a supplement in baking on Pinterest but I couldn't remember how and didn't look. Lame, but true.

I mixed a can with a spice cake mix and made cookies. The dough is a weird consistency and the cookies didn't seem like they were done ever, but trust me I have found 15 min at 350 to be good! I also calculated 72 calories in each cookie since I had 27 cookies in my batch. I thought by looking at them and feeling them that I had really messed up this little kitchen, dessert experiment. But then I bit into them and all thoughts of error went out the window.

But to be fair, I consulted the internet AFTER I made the cookies and this is not something of my own invention. In fact other people who have their claim to fame on the interweb with this recipe recommend a cream cheese frosting. But I am all about mix two ingredients and be done...ain't no one got time for frosting. (Unless you do. Then bring me some!)

Drats and Enjoy!


  1. Were they good then? Look interesting, may have to try this! xxx

  2. yum!!!!! I love throwing stuff together and being pleasantly surprised! I'll have to try this sometime.

  3. Yum! I'll have to make these! Ain't no one got time for frosting with a newborn in the house! xo

  4. I bet you can't go wrong with pumpkin and spice cake!


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