April 14, 2014

Weekend Update and Goals

||  Friday ||
1. Spent my day at work per the usual. There was something in the air and everyone was just really on edge and rude. Kill them with kindness was all I could do.
2. My Friday night? Minor League Baseball of course! Two Tucson reject teams: Reno Aces and El Paso Chihuahuas. Yep you heard right on that last one...

 || Saturday ||
3. Market on the Move (MOM) in the morning. I love that the Tucson/Phx area does this! I love supporting and knowing that I am taking things that would otherwise go to waste.
4. I convinced Kevin to go on some errands with me the rest of the morning after MOM. HomeGoods, Marshalls, Sam's Club, to name a few...
5. After that some lunch, blogging for me, and a nap for Kevin, we (I use that term loosely) continued to tackle Kevin's shelves project in the garage. I can't wait to have all the storage space!! Organization for the win!!
6.  The remainder of the night was spent making dinner together and enjoying a nice glass of wine and some Dominion! A perfect day/night together! I have a pretty darn good husband if I do say so myself!!

|| Sunday ||
7.  Enjoyed a slow morning of sleeping in and breakfast.
8. Finished my morning right with a work out! Gotta get to it before it gets too hot here in AZ. It has been well into the 90s as of late. Yuck!
9. Had a lazy day followed by dinner and a movie of Kevin's choosing (Jurassic Park)

Here are my goals for the week: 
hoping this will help keep me accountable
Gah, I can't believe we are already halfway done with April!!

+ Work out Monday-Friday. Hopefully run a whole mile straight without stopping.
+ Give myself a mani/pedi. 
+ Blog everyday this week.
+ Drink more water.
+ Finish my current book this week.


  1. There's an actual baseball team whose mascot is a chihuahua?! ...lolz! Are you in PHX or Tucson?! I just met a few AZ bloggers this weekend, you should come next time!

    1. She is in Tucson!! I thought y'all knew each other!!! I love you both soo much!! Wish there wasn't so much distance. I'll just have to come visit!!

  2. I finally found time this past weekend to paint my toes as it was nice in STL until today...and now we're back to the 40s in April. You'll do great on the goals, what are you reading? I've got 3 books here, the one I'm not getting into that much so I may have to go to the others.

  3. Looks like you had such a nice weekend. Sleeping in and having a slow start is the best on Sundays.

    Mel's Corner

  4. Yay for sleeping in and enjoying breakfast! :D

  5. We wanted to go to that game but we had to move!! I

  6. Yay for a good weekend!!! Can't wait to catch up!


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