May 5, 2014

A Look at our Week...

Everyone does the posts of "A day in the life" and I thought I was just doing some free writing (cause hey, that is what I like to do sometimes) and wrote this "Look at our Week."

It's Monday,
And your hair is messy, you haphazardly put on your slacks and polo, as you moan about the day of the week and I love you.

It's Tuesday,
And you are still warm and in bed. I drop the straightener, slam the drawers, and you don't stir. I try and sneak out oh, so quietly, and you call my name. I come to you and you briefly kiss my lips. Fleeting, and you say I love you.

It's Wednesday,
And I come home and I am running around trying to figure out what things I have to do. You go sit on the couch and pat the spot next to you and shower me with kisses on my forehead and a big, embracing hug because it's my least favorite day of the week (and you know it) and I love you.

It's Thursday,
And you laugh about how the week is going by too slow, we curl up together and watch the news, and I love you.

It's Friday,
And Dominion is on the dining room table, that you've prepared while I was gone. I make dinner, our time together just being us is amazing, I beat you and I love you.

It's Saturday,
And you're feeling lazy. You won't let me leave your arms (or is it the other way around?!) So you tuck me under your chin and I love you.

It's Sunday,
All I can say is I love you.


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