May 26, 2014

Coming on TWO

Today, my husband and I will celebrate our 2nd anniversary.
We are 24 and have been married for two years. So far we have been together for nine years and have known each other for eleven years.

Some people have scoffed that the only guy I have ever been with has been my husband. Some people wonder whether I can truly be an independent women.

Forgive my language but I think those people are FULL OF SHIT.
Do we really intend to find the one we love when we do? 

I met the man who would become my husband in high school. He sat across from me in English. He was tall with a great smile. I could tell even behind the braces! 14-year old me wouldn't have believed it if you’d told her she’d end up marrying that boy. But after a few years I couldn't imagine living without him. And I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

I wouldn’t trade getting married at 22 for anything. We have grown up together, and I love that. Other people have different stories (and oh, how I’d love to hear them!), but today I’m remembering my own.
Today, I’m grateful for my man–and the path that’s brought us to our 2nd wedding anniversary.

Fair warning, this whole week I am going to go down memory lane with my wedding. :-)


  1. your story's not that much different from my parents'. they met in high school (though my mother will tell you she did not care a whit for my father when she met him because she thought it was too cocky and full of himself... there was that time he dated six girls at once. he carried their scarves in his glove box. he'd take one, drop her off and go pick up another. he got caught, of course, because he'd forgotten to change the scarves.) anyway. they met in high school. they started dating. they went to college together. and after they graduated, they got married.

    ain't nothing wrong with your story, missy. you knew. you just knew. and that's that.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! We haven't been together nearly as long as you guys have--but I completely agree that you don't necessarily need to "shop around"--sometimes you just know you're with the right one from the start! I met Angel when I was 17, got engaged when I was 18, married when I was 19--now we'll have our 4th wedding anniversary later this year!

  3. Happy Anniversary! It doesn't matter when you find the one you're going to spend the rest of your life with. My boyfriend and I met when I was 18. We dated briefly, stayed friends for years, then decided we couldn't live without each other. We've only been together for a few months, but we already know that this is forever. I've only had 2 serious relationships. Also, his parents met in high school and just celebrated their 37th anniversary. I love your story! Can't wait to hear more about your wedding!

  4. Happy Anniversary! :-) My husband and I just celebrated our 2nd anniversary and we are both 24 as well. Like you said, I wouldn't trade it for anything! Can't wait to read about your walk down wedding memory lane.

  5. Happy anniversary and yes, those people are full of shit...and probably divorced and on their 2nd, 3rd, heck 4th marriage.

  6. Congratulations on two years of marriage! What a great picture of the two of you!

  7. Happy Anniversary!! And Yes those people are full of it! I think it is great that you and your husband met in High School. My best friend and her Husband have the same thing. Been together for 10 years. Married for 2 (almost) I think it is great!! :) xoxo

  8. Anyone who gives you grief about that is just jealous that they haven't found a love as pure and as true as yours. Happy Anniversary!!

  9. Happy anniversary! My parents met when my mom was 14 and my dad was 20. They are now over 40 years going strong!

  10. I also got married at 22. I met my husband when I was 18. However, I did have a high school relationship before him - that I regret! when you meet the one you're meant to be with, I think you just know. congrats on 2 years!

  11. Yay for two years!! I love you two and I hope that you had an amazing anniversary!


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