May 23, 2014

Date Night Style

So there was this one Saturday where I wore all black. Very edgy for the fashion challenged me.
I thought I looked very good and very slim.
There were layers.
It was comfortable.
All the makings of a very good outfit. 
This post would probably be better if I had a picture of me in the aforementioned black outfit.

Kevin said he liked this outfit.
My take on fashion? I don't dress for women. I dress for Kevin. He is the one who has to look at me and he is the one I want to impress.

Anyway, it was a Saturday and usually your plans for Saturday night, don't happen until Saturday night. 
We decided to go out to a party some friends were throwing. 
As I touched up my makeup and Kevin changed, he asked: are you going to wear that?

Now let me first say this. Kevin is not super involved in my fashion choices. He will tell me if he likes or dislikes something, but that is about it.
I said yeah I was planning on it...why?
"Oh no reason."

Haha both men and women speak that language.
There is a reason.
So I decided to change into something. I still wanted to be comfortable. I had eaten a lot as I do 7 days out of the week. Therefore I knew that something tight was out of the question.

I went with this dress:
Yes, slightly tight, but a stretchy and forgiving fabric.
Kevin LOVED it.

Here is my thinking (in very general terms):

Guys like tight and therefore sexy. But you have to do sexy right. Sexy and slutty are two different things. The dress dipped down just enough and hit right above the knee. Sexy means there is something left for the imagination.

I also changed my hair ever so slightly before this party. All day it was down. I simply threw it in a clip before we left. Kevin had seen me in that outfit all day. Guys have short attention spans. We have to change it up for them very frequently.

Guys prefer simple. Stick to what they know. Trends can be too much for some of them.

All you fashion ladies out there...what is your take on my ramblings?


  1. I love your dress! And I also like finding clothes that are sexy but still comfy! I hate thinks sticking to my stomach like cling wrap!

  2. I love the dress but I totally understand not like the tightness! I'm the same way! Your hair is so long & I love it.

  3. I probably alternate between dressing for my preferences and Angel's--but I keep Angel's in mind, it's just that his aren't practical all the time! He detests leggings--he would probably prefer it if I wore shorts or skirts/dresses year round but we live in Michigan--it's freezing cold half of the year, I have to have my legs covered!

  4. sexy and slutty are 2 different things - LOVE THAT! haha.


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