May 7, 2014

Love and Skiing

Kevin and I love to ski! He taught me in senior year in high school and since we have had skiing, something we do together. We absolutely adore the mountains and skiing down those gorgeous, snowy, sometimes icy mountains. For him, it is as fast as he possibly can. 

We went on three ski trips this season, which was more than I thought we would be due to my stressful work situation.

And now summer is upon me. Curses. So now all I can do now is sit inside and reminisce and ignore my rising A/C bill....

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One thing that stress at work had done for me in hindsight, was make me less worried about things. Kinda like a more laid back, stress about what really needs to be stressed about attitude. That was super helpful for me this trip. We went with about 25 people. Not all of us knew each other, but most were connected through Kevin's work. Read more about that one here.

❄Ski Life, Snowboard Life, the only life for us!
Kevin's aunt and uncle live in SLC and I have always wanted to visit. SLC and Utah did not disappoint! So pretty! I also with the help of his uncle bought my first pair of skis and I LOVE them! 

Vail - Trail Map.  I think I have been on every chairlift at least once and chairs 4 and 11:  3,372 times each.
This has kinda been an annual trip we take. Kevin's grandparents have a timeshare and I love skiing Vail and Beaver Creek. The mountains are just fantastic and it is a wonderful tradition Kevin and I share. Plus, I love watching rich people! Please tell me I am not the only one?!? 

Ugh I am so not ready for summer. I know all you people who have been dealing with cold are like what?! But listen. I have heard you complain all winter and now it is my turn. We already hit triple digits...I am officially going to melt!


  1. That's so cool that you and your husband do the ski thing! I've never tried it and quite frankly I'm scared to! Haha! I've been to vail CO one time for a wedding and everywhere you go in that town people are in their ski gear. So many of them!

  2. You need to come and try Whistler one of these winters!!

  3. haha--I've always figured that everyone can choose one temperature to complain about, just not both. I complain about the cold, my husband complains about the heat, but I never complain about heat, and he never complains about cold! :P Glad you guys got to take some fun trips! I've never been skiing in my life!

  4. My son snowboards but I always just watch. I'm such a wimp and scared I'll break something. Always wanted to go to Colorado though. Reminds me of a movie!!!


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