May 1, 2014

My Running

I ran two miles yesterday.

Like, full out, without stopping, I ran two miles.

For me, that was super far.

I have only run more than that once without stopping (Thanks Erica!)

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But two miles is nothing. I see you bloggers and even some of my friends training for marathons! I know people who can run a 5k everyday like it’s no big deal. And while I am so proud of them, I have to admit that there is also this feeling of jealously and bummed out-ness. 

But I got to remember that even if I can’t even run a 5k, I am still getting a good cardio workout. Which makes it worth it.

I realized I truly need to get back into exercise if I want to lose weight. 
I gained a holy ton amount of weight after getting married and am clearly not happy with myself.
It is something I have decided to correct. Baby steps lead me to remove 7 lbs and exercise was really what set it over the edge.

So here is to more exercise this month!

I did the Color Run last year and it was more of a run/walk.
Hopefully soon one day I can do a full on 5k no problem!

I need a running buddy and a personal trainer. Any takers?

Oh and I also need to eat healthier. Anyone wanna donate some self control to me?


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  1. Two miles is a whole lot better than I can do! You go girl!

  2. TWO MILES IS AMAZING!!! Don't say it's nothing!! (that's two miles more than I can run!) :) Good luck with your goals darling!!

  3. That is AMAZING. I couldn't even run 1/2 a mile if I tried!

  4. Two miles is AMAZING!!! Just two months ago I was terrified to run 2-3 miles and last month I was able to run 5!!! It's amazing what your body can do when you believe in yourself :) you will get better with each run! So excited for you this month :)

  5. I love knowing that there are other bloggers out there that are trying to lose weight just like me. 2 miles is far, the most I've ever run is 5 miles. And I told everyone-- literally. So its ok to brag!

    <3 xx.

  6. Two miles is AWESOME! I am doing the C25K program right now in hopes of being able to run further than a mile AND not totally hate running! We can totally do it! :)

  7. Two miles without stopping is great! Keep at it, I'm sure you can run a 5k in no time! :)

  8. Here from the linkup. 2 miles is so far! I am just starting and that sounds unreal to me! good job!

  9. 2 miles is definitely more than I can do. I'm doing the Colour Run in November, and it's kind of terrifying.

  10. You are doing awesome. I need to get back into running!

  11. Two miles is great! You have to start at the beginning so you are on your way! Good luck with your goals for the month!

  12. Right there with ya dear. The hubs and I have been married 2 years and I'm disappointed by the weight I've gained. Be proud of your two miles because you chose to run them when you could have easily been sitting on the couch!

  13. 2 miles is awesome! I don't think I can run a mile without stopping right now. I'm so out of practice. The winter killed me. Keep it up Lauren! We'll all get our groove back. Thanks for linking up!


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