May 8, 2014

State Stats

I found the most amazing article teaching about the US! Seriously this article is great!

Some of my favorite maps?
How does Google describe your state?

Yes, Arizona is hot, New Mexico is poor, and Google is correct!

I can tell you why everyone in Arizona wants to's because it is so damn hot! I mean come on....triple digits already on May 3rd?!?
How much do the people living in your state hate it?

New Mexico you could have had Microsoft. Now all you have is some cigs. Way. To. Go.
What company is your state known for?

OH and seriously how does this make the list?!?! are hardcore!
And, of course, how afraid of wild gorillas is your state?

How did your state do? Check out some of the other maps!


  1. hahah! That last one is hilarious. Scared of wild gorillas- Nope.

  2. This is hilarious!! I love this!! :) Made my workday a little more better.

  3. haha--very interesting, all of them!

  4. haha this was so funny, last stat was for sure my favorite, lol!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  5. HOT...I can't argue with that ;)

  6. Dying over the first picture. Maryland the state might be rich, but the residents certainly are not because we are taxed to death. Hence the "rich state" haha too funny!

  7. bahahah, these are great! Especially the google being a girl part... ;)

  8. LMAO - the Idaho thing is funny. Maybe its because their population is so small? (ie; see the other map you posted!). I grew up in VA, but went to school in NC and lived in CA, SC and FL with the Marine Corps. I agree with just about all those (and I live in SC now, and we do have many very poor areas!). Google is a woman - I agree, but not for that reason!


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