May 28, 2014

Wedding Makeup

On May 26, 2011, I reached a major life milestone and had a beauty breakthrough. First and foremost, I married the man of my dreams—and learned a lot about makeup. I had my sister do my makeup. Now I had thought that I wanted airbrushed makeup, but I was talked out of that seeing how bad it could be for your face and seeing that you can recreate a flawless look.

Locking eyes: So I am not the kind of person that had a specific idea of what kind of look I wanted for my eyes. I just know that I wanted them to look their best. All eyes are different. With my hazel eyes, my sister used a combo of grays and purples to bring them out and played up my long black lashes and brought on the drama with the black eyeliner. Pictures and different types of lighting can flush your makeup out. Ain't no one going to be flushed out! Bring on more makeup!

Playing Up Lips’ Natural ColorNow I love the look of playing up some lips, but I wanted to look natural, beautiful, and with all of the signs of affection ahead—locking lips with the hunky new husband, air kisses with friends—I didn't want a trail of fuchsia lipstick stains. Tess made my lips natural with a touch of light pink. Who knew revving up my natural hue would be just as appealing?
The Art of Highlighting: I am not a blush wearer...ever. Having rosacea makes blush something I feel like I do not need.  I still don't understand the word highlighting, but I know Tess did it! Under I used a NARS foundation and packed powder that kept me covered and flawless throughout the day.

The other suspects: My shallac manicure saved my life. I never had to worry about my nails through the whole process and they looked beautiful.  Oh and say yes to the spray tan. Gotta keep this white girl even! As for the hair, I am so glad I put it up and secured it good, because I ended up having plenty of wind! And getting this all done by other people saved me the worry!!
I still consider myself beauty challenged for sure, but I did feel beautiful this day! Every girl deserves to feel beautiful!


  1. I can definitely agree with all of your tips and I will be doing them when I get married! I want to go as natural as I can with my makeup, but I am hoping to have a very nice tan ha ha. Every girl definitely deserves to feel beautiful ♥

  2. I did my own makeup for the wedding but got my hair done by my mother-in-law--and I was very happy with both. I'm pretty minimal with my makeup so having a "normal" style for my wedding was important to me. I might like to get my makeup done professionally sometime just for an experiment...but I didn't want to experiment on my wedding... :P

  3. I feel like I need to meet your sisters with all these secret talents they have...

  4. The good thing is, bridal Makeup Tips foundation can simply conceal these kind of weaknesses. Having a handful of strategic comb strokes, a credit card applicatoin in some places : ones makeup foundation performer can do amazing things and give you that light that a majority of brides have got in their big day.


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