June 27, 2014

A Quarter of a Century Old

Well, here we are again. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!! (tomorrow) I can’t believe I'm turning 25. I feel like I just turned 24 yesterday. I thought I would share 25 random facts this year about myself that might make you think I’m really weird or make us best friends.

1. I hate being hot and yet I live in the desert.
2. I have three birthmarks. The biggest one is on my lower back. Some people say it looks like a fish.
3. I still have some clothes from high school in my closet. They need to be thrown out. Someone save me!
4. I still wear have some jeans I wore in high school. They need to be thrown out. Someone save me.
5. I made up my own language as a kid. My parents had to learn it. Now for the life of me I am slowly trying to learn Spanish!

6. I am the worst at drawing. It is a talent I wish I had! I can't even draw simple things like a dog or a house. I totally identify with this.

7. I can braid or even french braid your hair, but I cannot do my own. (To be fair I can't do my own hair period...)

8. Water is my favorite drink ever. I am a cheap date. 

9. My mathematics skill set is near non-existent. I do know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. The rest is hazy. 

10. Most people have a favorite color. I seem to go through periods of time when I am attracted to one over all the others. 

11. I am fanatical about cheese and chocolate. I cannot stand most pastas, fish (any seafood for that matter, potatoes, rice, or nutella.

12. I can't stand noisy eaters.

13. My guilty pleasure career would be NFL cheerleader. This would combine my love of football and having a banging body. The ability to dance would not hurt my confidence either...

14. I have never really understood having a favorite number...

15. I do not have any interest in Disney. Jim Gaffigan and I are on the same page.

16. I have a scar under my right eyebrow from the corner of a marble tile. I had to have a plastic surgeon fix that one...

17. I also have a weird random bump on my forehead that I have had since I can remember. I have no idea what it is from. Sometimes it is more prominent than other times which is weird...

18. Feeling motivated and inspired are the two best feelings in the world.

19. I am a serial replayer of songs. Hope it's one you like....haha!

20.  I love beautifully wrapped gifts, but as proven, I can't wrap worth a damn!

Holiday presents.

21.  I have never dyed my hair or had a carbonated beverage in my life. But I will one day dye my hair. I will never have the carbonated bevvy...

21. I am from New Mexico originally. Yes I do know about Breaking Bad, No I was not from Albuquerque, and No I have not seen the show.

22. I would sincerely like to be rich and I feel no shame admitting this.

23. One of my BIGGEST regrets in life is that I did not continue to swim after being competitive in the sport for years. I still haven't started back in which makes me stupid.

24. I am large in the chest area. #bigboobieprobs 

25. Buy me flowers while I am alive and can enjoy them, not when I am dead and I can't.

So that's it for me!
I am off for the weekend! See ya Monday!


  1. Happy early birthday! Loved all these fun facts and hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend!

  2. Happy birthday a day early! I also hate being hot and I live in NM, can't wrap gifts, and can't draw to save my life!

  3. Happy birthday!!! I think the people who can wrap presents are mythical....I see these gorgeous presents but I'd never have the patience to make my presents look good!

  4. Happy birthday girl!!!! I love all these facts about you.

  5. How can you not like pasta, seafood or potatoes? Something is seriously wrong with you! weirdo :) and yes I"m stalking you. Because I like you.


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