June 3, 2014

Gift Giver

I am the worst at giving gifts. 

Whenever I need to give a gift to someone, my mind goes blank. What does that person like? Even if I go into it having an idea of what to get someone, I still end up wandering around the store, picking up random items and wondering how much they'd hate it if this was their Christmas present. It can get quite painful for a challenged gift giver like me!

Then once I find a gift, you would think I would be good. But then comes wrapping the gift...which I am even worse at!

Usually I have to have Kevin wrap my gifts. Thank God for gift bags!

I usually end up finding cute gift bags at Marshalls, Home Goods, or Target.
If I can't find the right one, I do the second easiest thing.

Buy a brown paper bag, cut out paper, and adhere.

The perfect idea for my sister's graduation.
This way, I can ensure the bag is the right size for whatever gift I get her.

This bag was for something different, but I did get here this which required a bigger bag than I could find:

 Enter the paper cut outs and a cute card and D-O-N-E! 

What ways do you creatively and EASILY dress up your gifts?


  1. Gift bags are definitely way easier than wrapping paper!!

  2. I do brown bags too. Glad that I am not alone!

  3. I love that brown bag!!

    Gift giving is a mix of easy and hard for me. Currently I'm doing okay with it but need to figure out when I'm going to have time to do everything!! We have so many parties/weddings/etc coming up that its insane!

  4. That is cute how you pretty'd up the brown bag!

  5. While we all want to discover the ideal blessings for relatives, it is not difficult to escape as we search for endowments. We are on the whole that with Ancient gift givers its the prospect that tallies, however where precisely did the thought of giving blessings for Christmas start?


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